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'He had a pistol all the time': Neighbor reveals TERRIFYING details of Oklahoma family that died in murder-suicide

The family's neighbor Shawn Kucera recalled that Brian Nelson gave him a cryptic response by saying, 'You just don't know when stuff's gonna go down'
Brian and Brittney Nelson had six children (Screenshot/Video-Tulsa World)
Brian and Brittney Nelson had six children (Screenshot/Video-Tulsa World)

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BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA: An Oklahoma couple allegedly killed their six children before taking their own lives in a murder-suicide incident last week. A former neighbor of the couple, Shawn Kucera, said that he used to live across the street from the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma home where Brian Nelson, 34, and Brittney Nelson, 32, killed their family. When the news of murder-suicide on Hickory Avenue broke, Kucera claims his thoughts "immediately… went to one particular neighbor who lived across the street from me."

He added that he found the family's father to be noticeably controlling and the family mostly kept to themselves but there was a handful of interactions with Brian that seemed weird to him. "As I was crossing the street, his wife basically retreated to the other side of the yard behind the car, and eventually made her way into the house, like she didn't want to engage in a conversation," Kucera told KOKI-TV. "It, to me, felt like she had been conditioned to not interact with people." "As I got to know the family a little bit, he just seemed really controlling," Kucera said.


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Kucera said that Brian always carried a gun whenever he came across him. "What was really unusual was the man of the house wore a gun all the time," Kucera told the outlet. "He had a pistol on his hip all the time. Playing basketball with his kids, just walking around, every time I saw him." He said that he questioned Brian one time on why he carries a gun with himself all the time. Kucera recalled that Brian gave him a cryptic response by saying, "You just don't know when stuff's gonna go down."

According to the authorities, Brian and his wife murdered their children before killing themselves. The father's parents, Danny and Marilyn Nelson confirmed their grandchildren Brian II, 13; Brantley, 9; Vegeta, 7; Ragnar, 5; Kurgan, 2; and Britannica, 1, as the victims, reported Tulsa World. Danny said that the family was going through financial troubles and his son had sustained a workplace head injury which may have led to the violence. In December 2020, Brian and Brittney reportedly filed for bankruptcy. According to the records obtained by the outlet, the duo listed $138,000 in liabilities and nearly $9,000 in assets, including nine guns. The parents had no jobs at the time of filing and were receiving financial assistance from the government. 

"I think the stress was what got to them — trying to figure out how to make it from one month, to one month, to one month," Danny told the outlet. The lifeless bodies of the Nelson children were discovered by the firefighters in the rear of the home after they responded to last week's blaze where much of the fire was contained. The bodies of the parents were found in the front. The official cause of their deaths has not yet been disclosed. However, authorities believe that none of them died due to the fire. The investigation is still ongoing.