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Young Sook An: Terrifying 911 call captures woman screaming for help before ex-husband buried her alive

Throughout the seven-minute call, Young Sook An made muffled screams in a desperate attempt to get help from the harrowing situation
Chae Kyong An stabbed Young Sook An and buried her in a 19-inch deep grave over a dispute about their divorce and finances (Lacey Police Department)
Chae Kyong An stabbed Young Sook An and buried her in a 19-inch deep grave over a dispute about their divorce and finances (Lacey Police Department)

LACEY, WASHINGTON: A newly released 911 call revealed the terrifying moments before a woman was kidnapped and buried alive by her estranged husband. Young Sook An, 42, made an eerie call from her Apple Watch while she was being gagged and hogtied by her husband, Chae Kyong An, 53, at her home. Throughout the seven-minute call obtained by Fox News, Young Sook could be heard making muffled screams in a desperate attempt to get help from the harrowing situation. 

The 911 dispatcher on the other side of the call was quick to realize the fact that Young Sook was in trouble even though it was reportedly difficult to understand the anguished woman. The dispatcher told Young Sook, "Hold on one second, I'm going to get help started for you." Authorities said Young Sook was dragged by Chae Kyong just a few moments later where he broke her watch, threw her into a minivan, and drove off to the woods about seven miles away, where he buried her alive, reported Fox News.


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Chae Kyong's car was seen passing by a police SUV in a video captured from a neighbor's surveillance camera. The police vehicle was just arriving at Young Sook's house situated in a suburb of Washington, 60 miles southwest of Seattle. The 42-year-old was stabbed and buried alive in a shallow grave after her husband brought her to the woods in Lacey, Washington. The entire ordeal was reportedly over a dispute about their divorce and finances.


After hours of digging, she was reportedly able to get away free from the traumatic situation. Chae Kyong pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree domestic violence kidnapping, and first-degree domestic violence assault on Tuesday, November 1. He is being held without bail and is set to appear in court on November 16. Chae Kyong attacked his wife at the home he used to share with her, according to the authorities, at around 1 pm on October 16. 


When Young Sook went into her bedroom to change, Chae Kyong allegedly followed her behind and then started to throw punches and duct-taped her hands behind her back. He also placed tape across her eyes, thighs, and ankles. Before Chae reportedly dragged her to the garage and smashed the watch with a hammer, Young Sook was able to make the emergency call through her Apple Watch and sent an emergency notification to her 20-year-old daughter and her best friend. She was reportedly thrown in his 2006 Dodge Caravan after being dragged to the garage. 

The car was seen parked at the family home by the surveillance footage from a neighbor's house before it sped off. According to Fox News, police officers arrived at the scene, after five minutes and could be heard entering the home saying "Lacey Police Department, make yourself known." The authorities were unaware that Young Sook was kidnapped by her husband at that time. "The dispatch was an 'unknown trouble call,'" said Sgt Shannon Barnes. "So [the officer] had no information about anything he was walking into."

Young Sook was allegedly stabbed in the chest first and then buried in a 19-inch deep grave. The probable cause document reads that "a heavy tree" was also "put on top of her." "After being put in the ground she could hear her husband walking around the hole and dirt being put on top of her," it continues. She reportedly claimed that her husband had threatened to kill her. Young Sook, however, was fortunate enough to survive. She told the authorities that she struggled to breathe but managed to keep dirt off her face by continually squirming around. 

Young Sook said that she was able to free herself from the duct tape at night. She saw the van's window was steaming and a light was switched on inside once the tape was off her eyes. After getting up, she ran for about half an hour before she found a home. The residents of the property called 911 after they found her hiding behind the shed in the front yard of the house just before 1.00 am on October 17. Young Sook exclaimed, "My husband is trying to kill me! Help me!" when police arrived and identified her as the missing female.  

When Young Sook ultimately escaped and called the police, she "had duct tape still wrapped around her neck, lower face and ankles," according to a Thurston County Superior Court filing. "There was also extensive bruising to her legs, arms and head and her clothing and hair were covered in dirt."

About six hours later Chae Kyong was found in the woods by the police standing near the shallow grave. They also found fragments of the Apple Watch stuck to duct tape at the scene. The home reportedly has a "history of domestic and violence," as per the probable cause document. Young Sook's friend received the emergency notification and arrived at the scene along with the police. Her friend told authorities that Chae had previously told his estranged wife, "I'm not going down alone."

Young Sook is now pleading with a judge to keep her husband in jail. Chae Kyong previously worked in intelligence for the US Military and was described as 'extremely smart' by his wife. According to a statement by Young Sook, she has requested he continue to be held without bail. "Please no bail. I am really afraid for my life. I just want to emphasize that I fear him so much and he will kill me again if he is out."