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‘Shark Tank’ Season 11 Finale: Our Top 5 products of the season and why we love them

The latest season of the popular reality show aired its final episode and before we say goodbye for another few months, here’s a throwback to the best products and innovations it offered this season
'Shark Tank' (Season 1-11) (IMDb)
'Shark Tank' (Season 1-11) (IMDb)

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ is not just a platform for entrepreneurs to source the best investors for their businesses but also to get exposure to their ideas and products in front of millions of viewers. For the past 11 years and still counting, the business reality show has brought us an array of incredible innovations, and product concepts that are aimed at changing life and the planet. And now, as the 11th season of ‘Shark Tank’ ends with its 24th episode, we revisit the entire season and take our favorite picks of products.

Circadian Optics

Is working from home keeping you away from sunlight? Circadian Optics could be the solution to missed natural light. Founded by Amber Leong, Circadian Optics provides light therapy lamps. It helps to maintain our body’s inner clock or the circadian rhythm, which drives our sleeping habits and determines how we respond to light and darkness. The lamps come in five different styles and travel-friendly sizes. This is more effective for those living in northern regions or in winter, with shorter days and lesser daylight.

Why we love it: Living in a time when we have a major lack of natural daylight and are always distracted with external stimuli (devices, noise, changing lifestyles), this light therapy could help us maintain the internal rhythm of the body.


The stem cell banking for dogs is as unique as it gets. Taking cues from his personal experience, entrepreneur Aaron Hirschhorn introduced the idea of banking stem cells for pets and help cure/prevent serious medical conditions that might occur in the future.

Why we love it: Despite cutting edge R&D and inventions in stem cell research, there is hardly anything directed for dogs, except for specific conditions like arthritis or tissue/ligament injuries. This kind of solutions can help improve a pet’s life and boost longevity.

Terra Core Fitness & Balance Trainer

Now bring the gym inside your home with this compact and portable device founded by Greg Nigro! Terra Core is an air-filled, balance-building machine that lets you work out anywhere, anytime. From weight loss, to specific muscle building, increasing stamina, core strengthening, and overall fitness, Terra Core allows resistance, aerobic training and functional training for every fitness level.

Why we love it: With less time to spare and more need for fitness, this is perfect for the busy, modern-day professional, which lets them use it anytime, anywhere and at an affordable price. And if the current scenario of social isolation continues, then we need such workout tools more than ever!


Next time you crave tater tots or spicy wings, switch to Rollingreens and indulge in plant-based, flavorful snacks! Founded by Ryan and Lindsey Cunningham, the brand offers tots made of millets and crispy cauliflower wings.

Why we love it: Healthy eating is not an option or a fad but the need of the hour. With these completely vegan, gluten-free and allergen-friendly snacking options, it’s possible to indulge and stay healthy at the same time!


Redefining dine-out habits, Jeff Appelbaum brings this restaurant delivery service, based on the operational concept of cloud kitchen. He aggregates meals from six different restaurants and delivers to customers at their doorsteps.

Why we love it: With the ongoing need for social isolation, the restaurant culture is going to change completely. And services like Salted could help maintain the dining out experience from the comfort and safety of your home!

While there are many more such innovative products that made it to season 11 of ‘Shark Tank’, these remain top of the list mostly because they fit into the current lifestyle overhauled by the global pandemic. Whether we continue to live in isolation in the coming days or go back to normal, these products will remain effective for a long time to come.

‘Shark Tank’ will be back for an all-new Season 12 in later part of 2020. Meanwhile, catch up on the earlier episodes and the products you missed!