‘Shark Tank’ Season 11 Episode 24 Preview: Who is Daniel Lubetzky? All you need to know about the guest shark

As the current season of the reality show is about to end, we bring you all the details about the philanthropist-entrepreneur

                            ‘Shark Tank’ Season 11 Episode 24 Preview: Who is Daniel Lubetzky? All you need to know about the guest shark
Daniel Lubetzky (ABC)

The 11th season of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ is marking its finale with Episode 24. Once again, as always, we will see our favorite sharks and four new and interesting business ideas brought to the table from entrepreneurs across the country. But what’s special about the finale, you may ask! As is the trend, once in a while, the show invites a guest judge or investor, so to say, to preside over. And the finale episode is no different. Along with the regular sharks — Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Kevin O’Leary, ‘Shark Tank’ Season 11 Episode 24 will also welcome a guest shark.

Meet Daniel Lubetzky, an entrepreneur and investor who will grace the season finale. Though he is not really a newbie to the panel and has appeared a few times earlier, his presence in the last episode of the season makes it a little more special.

Who is Daniel Lubetzky?

Lubetzky is a Mexican-American businessman, investor, philanthropist, and author. He is recognized as a billionaire with a net worth of $1.2 billion. He is also the founder and CEO of KIND LLC, a healthy snack brand, based out of New York City.

About KIND LLC and what it does

KIND defines itself as a brand that makes nutritious but delicious snack bars and aims to make the world a little “kinder” and healthier, one snack at a time. The company is identified as a not-only-for-profit organization and commits itself to use the business to drive significant social changes. Lubetzky founded the KIND Movement and The KIND Foundation as a part of the company’s corporate social responsibility initiative, each of which helps with community development and support.

His business and philanthropic achievements have been lauded by many business experts and have been covered in leading local and national dailies, making him the one of the most important faces of modern entrepreneurship.

Philanthropic initiatives

While Lubetzky is primarily an entrepreneur, his journey has extended beyond the corporate and delved into the lives of people, not only in the United States but around the world. His family survived the Holocaust and moved to Mexico. The history he grew up with inspired Lubetzky to invest more in people and larger social causes.

His philanthropic initiatives include The OneVoice Movement, an international effort that helps moderate Israelis and Palestinians to come together and be heard in order to end the perpetual conflict between the two nations. In 2018, The KIND Foundation also launched Empatico, a $20 million social initiative that brings together elementary students across the world and helps them explore each other’s cultures and social environments, and lets them create a community of their own.

Owing to his law career and education, Lubetzky acquired experience with leading firms in the country. And recently, he was appointed as the Anti-Defamation League’s Inaugural Board of Directors.

As a guest shark, Daniel Lubetzky has appeared in an earlier of ‘Shark Tank’, where he shared the journey of his personal and professional life. His presence also inspired many fans of the show. If you missed that episode, here’s a clip to refresh your memory.


Watch Daniel Lubetzky at his best when he appears on ‘Shark Tank’ Season 11 Episode 24, on May 15, 8pm/7c, only on ABC.

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