'Shark Tank' Season 11 Episode 23: Lori denies Salted deal, fans say 'rude' owner deserves it for ignoring her

In the pre-finale episode of the reality show, shark Lori Greiner refused a deal with a food delivery business and fans think she did the right thing

                            'Shark Tank' Season 11 Episode 23: Lori denies Salted deal, fans say 'rude' owner deserves it for ignoring her
Lori Greiner (IMDb)

ABC's hit business reality show, 'Shark Tank' Season 11, is almost near its end. Fefore the finale, the show brought us four very interesting business ideas — one of which would change the way people dine.

Salted, a food delivery service that serves healthy meals from six brands right at your doorstep, made its pitch. It fit in perfectly into the current situation of a global pandemic and lockdown and looks like the first step to the future of restaurant culture.

However, despite the viable idea and interesting pitch, the owner of Salt, Jeff Appelbaum didn’t get a deal. Why? He was rude to shark Lori Greiner and fans have their explanation on what made the sharks walk out of this business deal.

Fans of the show took to Twitter and called out Jeff for his behavior. He not only ignored her when she was talking but also didn't bother maintaining any eye contact while talking to her. This upset supporters of Lori.

One fan on Twitter commented, "That's NOT a good move when @LoriGreiner is talking to that @CaliflowerPizza Guy, he’s ignoring her and keeps on talking. Tsk, tsk, tsk! #SharkTank"

"It pays to put your eyes on @LoriGreiner Haha! His loss! #SharkTank," added another. It was not just fans but even the show’s official handle which also called out Jeff, saying, "Never ignore a shot with @LoriGreiner! Shark #SharkTank"

So, when Lori backed out from even considering the deal, fans supported her and understood where she came from. "Lori, So respect how you put that person in his place for not responding to your questions and disrespecting your values," commented a fan.

One fan agreed with her decision and said, "Hundred percent agree with Lori. He ignored you and didn’t deserve your time or investment." Another shared, "Lori be like 'I don't like ur vibe'. I'm out. And shes 100% right #sharktank."

Everyone knows Lori Greiner to be a fair judge and very meticulous about choosing the businesses she invests in. She is also known to be friendly and open to arguments but this particular entrepreneur's ignorance was not the behavior she or her fans expected.

'Shark Tank' Season 11 finale airs on Friday, May 15, 8 pm/7c on ABC.

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