'Shark Tank' Season 11 Episode 16: Fans want entrepreneurs to come up with coronavirus remedies

As the pandemic continues to spread, fans of the business reality show hope that it brings some plausible solutions to the current situation

                            'Shark Tank' Season 11 Episode 16: Fans want entrepreneurs to come up with coronavirus remedies
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With coronavirus affecting hundreds of people across the United States as well as around the world, people are desperately looking for solutions. While health experts and scientists are not leaving any stone unturned to find an immediate cure, the public is also trying to explore options. On the latest Episode 16 of ABC's hit reality show, 'Shark Tank', we see fans reaching out to the entrepreneurs for the same. Every week, aspiring and new businesses come to the show to pitch the most innovative business ideas and products. Then why not something to help with the current pandemic?

One fan on Twitter commented, "I want an episode of #sharktank where they are just trying to come up with remedial-Coronavirus products. Put out a #900-number (like the old American Idol) so people could vote on them with proceeds going towards relief efforts."

Joining the conversations, another fan demanded, "Someone go on #SharkTank and invent the f***ing cure for this coronavirus s**t so we can get our lives back. Tysm."

While most cities and towns are under lockdown, with people isolating themselves from the rest of the society, the episode comes as a positive break and helps boost morale.

One of the sharks on the show, Lori Greiner, tweeted, "How lucky are the people on Shark Tank tonight with everyone in America home and watching? #SharkTank @ABCNetwork."

Seconding her opinion, a fan responded, "Loved tonight's episode Lori! Helped me a lot to take my mind off of what is happening! #sharktank Be safe!!"

"Grateful that @ABCSharkTank Friday’s have helped me keep my mind off of the current events #SharkTank," added another.

Although there hasn't been any pitch for a coronavirus solution yet, we did get to see a range of unique and interesting business ideas — from healthy snacking to a stylish and affordable mobile home, sustainable tech solution and a safety driven hardware tool.

Meanwhile, fans of the show extended their heartfelt wishes for the nation’s safety. "#sharktank Please #Pray for our nation and world! Be safe and help one another. I wish you all #GodSpeed," a fan said.

'Shark Tank' Season 11 airs every Friday night at 8pm/7c, only on ABC.

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