‘Shark Tank’ Product of the Day: Yumble Kid meal delivery could brighten up your child's quarantine days

‘Shark Tank’ Product of the Day: Yumble Kid meal delivery could brighten up your child's quarantine days
Joanna and David Parker (ABC)

Do you find it difficult to make your little ones eat those greens? Or does it get hard to make meals with dietary restrictions? If quarantine was not enough to turn around home life completely, it gets more difficult if your kids don’t or can’t eat as they should. For every parent out there, especially in these tough times, Yumble Kids Meal Delivery Service could bring you just the solution you need.


Meal deliveries might be a rage in the current social scenario, but Joanna and David Parker came up with the idea a couple of years ago. As parents of three children, they struggled with healthy, kid-friendly recipes that are good for the body but enjoyable on the growing palate. After two years of developing meal plans, and getting a positive response from her children, she wanted to share the experience with other parents. And thus, the demand grew and became a regular delivery service. In 2018, the Parkers appeared on Episode 8, Season 10 of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ and pitched the idea. Guest shark, Bettheny Frankel accepted their offer of a 6% stake for an investment of $500,000. Frankel, who founded the Skinnygirl products, helped Yumble become a national brand.


What is Yumble?

Yumble is a subscription-based meal delivery service targeted for kids aged one to 12 years. The meals are home-cooked, prepared hygienically with dietary restrictions in mind, and are available in delicious varieties. You can choose from vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free options.

How does it work?

Meals are available by subscription. They offer a weekly menu, with multiple options to choose from. The three-step process lets you choose the meals for a week, then fill in your delivery details and voila! You have tasty and healthy meals and snacks for your tiny tots sorted for the entire week. The starter kit comes with a welcome package that includes a guide for parents, fun activities for kids like coloring, trivia quiz and collectible toys. You can choose from three subscription options: 6, 12 or 24 meals per week. All plans are customizable, which means you can skip a couple of days or increase the number of meals in a day/week. Take your pick from 20 options of delicious platters and snacks.


The weekly menu of Yumble Kids meal delivery service (www.yumblekids.com)

What’s in it for you?

All meals from Yumble are made with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, farm-fresh proteins and do not contain refined sugar or preservatives, according to the website. Managed and run by parents of young children, the brand aims to deliver the best food for kids and yet make mealtime an enjoyable experience. The ingredients and meal plans are inspected and certified by the USDA. Packed in bio-degradable containers, Yumble also ensures safety and hygiene at every point. And what’s more? With fun games and activities included in the meal box, your kids can look forward to a “happy meal” every day!


How much does it cost?

Yumble Kids Meals range from $5.99 to $7.99, depending on your meal plan. You can also avail discounts on long-term subscriptions. The site offers free shipping on every meal.

Where can I buy?

You can register on the brand's website and sign up for a weekly subscription. Or you can text or call to place an order directly.


What do customers say?

Here’s what other parents have to say about Yumble and how it helped their kids. “It’s as easy as a Lunchable, but way healthier and balanced”, says a mother of a toddler.

Another parent who is saved from the most important question of the day says, “The last decision I want to make at 6 pm is what to make for dinner. Thank you @yumblekids”.

“I’m in LOVE with it! They ate it all in 5 minutes and it involved only 1 minute of prep”, says another mother.


Next time, you are tired of brainstorming of what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or want to add some excitement to your tiny one's mealtime, Yumble could be your savior.

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