'Shark Tank' Product of the Day: The Mad Optimist's customizable bath products are every DIY enthusiast's dream

The Indiana-based personal care brand offers complete customizability, which is not only attractive but also makes for an exceptional selling point

                            'Shark Tank' Product of the Day: The Mad Optimist's customizable bath products are every DIY enthusiast's dream

Did you ever wonder how it would be if you could control what goes into your shampoo and soaps? And that too, without all the trouble and the dirty work of making it at your home. At a time when DIY trends are hot, The Mad Optimist brings you the joy of making your own bath and body products by making every item customizable. Intrigued enough? Then read on to find out about this unique personal care brand as shown on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ Season 11 Episode 24.

Who is The Mad Optimist?

Founded by three friends and entrepreneurs — Mohammed A Madhi, Mohammed M Madhi and Anthony Duncan — The Mad Optimist (earlier known as the Soapy Soap Company) makes a full line of body care products, from soaps to shampoo bars, lip balms, body mists and bath soaks. They use only high-quality, plant-based and non-GMO ingredients and essential oils to create every product. But that’s the standard MO (mode of operations) for all organic brands, you might think. While their all-vegan ingredients might align with the current market trends, how they do it is what makes them unique.

What’s in it for me?

Typically, soaps take a month to cure and let the ingredients settle in before they can be sold and used. But the Madhi brothers and Duncan founded a proprietary process which they call 'Volcano Method', wherein they can cure the soaps in just 24 hours, thus making it easy to ship and deliver as soon as the orders are placed. But that’s not what actually makes this brand exceptional. The Mad Optimist lets you completely customize every item that you order from their online store.

Yes, you heard that right! Using their "Build your custome bodycare" application on their website, you can pick, choose and control the intensity of each ingredient that goes into you shampoo bar, bath soap or lip balm. Every soap is made from scratch and does not include pre-mixed or purchased soap bases and the all-natural ingredients are safe for your skin and hair. There are more than 20 essential oils like cedar wood, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary or tea tree and six add-ons such as shea butter, oats or cardamom to choose from. And the best part? You can customize the packaging from available options and name your bath/body care.

How much does it cost?

If you are already excited about the customization of The Mad Optimist products, then there’s more to the brand that will sweep you off your feet. For such tailor-made, organic products, you would expect a hefty price. And it mostly is. But The Mad Optimist brand owners decided to create a pricing mechanism that makes the brand more responsible.

As you design your own soaps and other products, you can set your own price too. The customization app lets you set a number within a specified range. This came from the idea of the entrepreneurs to uphold their business ethics. The customer’s control on manufacturing and pricing the product makes them more aware and drives a sense of responsibility towards the business. This principle extends to their business model, where they pay the same wage to all administrative and production staff and share the same information with the public, thus creating a community of equality and care.

Where can I buy it?

All body care products by The Mad Optimist are available only their brand website. Now with the right investor and guidance from ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ you can expect them to soon launch themselves on online marketplaces.

Next time, you think of getting yourself or your loved ones a new kind of bath product, and also do your bit for the world, you might want to join The Mad Optimist and stay optimist, for yourself, and for the planet.

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