‘Shark Tank’ Product of the Day: Blueland cleaning solutions is just what your house needs in these times

‘Shark Tank’ Product of the Day: Blueland cleaning solutions is just what your house needs in these times
Syed Naqvi and Sarah Yoo (ABC)

We are living in difficult times and being conscious about health and hygiene has become the topmost priority. More so, at present, when we all are locked up in homes and need to keep our living spaces clean and safe. But what should you buy? If hygiene and effectiveness is on your mind then there are brands and varieties a dime a dozen in the market and each loaded with harmful chemicals. Not to mention, the endless amount of plastic that goes into packaging and dispensing!


So how do you know what’s safe and yet effective enough? Introducing Blueland Cleaning Products, as seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Season 11. During the pitch, shark Kevin O’Leary aka, Mr Wonderful found this product viable enough to invest in and pushed the business forward. Although the product came to light much before the coronavirus pandemic, it seems more utility-driven in the present times.


What is Blueland?

Founded by Sarah Paiji Yoo, Blueland produces cleaning products formulated from safe, eco-friendly ingredients and distributes them in reusable packaging. Driven by her personal experience as a mother with a newborn child, Yoo was determined to reduce the use of plastics and use safe cleaning products at her home. And thus, the range of Blueland Cleaning Products was born.


What does it contain?

The entire range of cleaning solutions and the packaging comes in a compact Blueland Clean Essentials Kit that contains

3 Reusable Cleaning Bottles
1 Reusable Foaming Hand Soap Bottle
4 Tablets. Each color-coded is matched with the corresponding bottle: blue for cleaning glass, pink for the bathtub and tiles, yellow for multi-surface cleaning and gray for the hand soap.
Cleaning tablets makes 20oz, and soap tablet makes 9oz of cleaning solution each.


All you need to do is fill the dispenser bottles with water, add the tablet, let it dissolve and go on a cleaning spree!

Syed and Sarah pitch their business (ABC)


What’s in it for me?

Each tablet is made with a blend of naturally sourced and synthetic ingredients that are certified as “safe” by Cradle to Cradle (C2C), a non-profit organization that certifies consumer products based on environmental standards. Blueland stands with Platinum rating- the organization’s highest. Although the bottles are made of acrylic, they are all BPA-free. The materials last longer than regular plastic and do not corrode from the chemical content inside.


Thus, you get a product that helps reduce carbon footprints, reduces plastic disposals, while keeping your home safe of germs and clean.

How much does it cost?

The complete kit of Blueland Cleaning Products costs $39. And if you subscribe to the brand, then you can get a 10% off on the price. Subscriptions are available for one to four months. Once the first set it over, you can order refills for $2 without disposing the bottles.


Where can I buy it?

As of now, Blueland products are only available on the brand’s website. You can choose from single cleaning products to the complete range.

What do customers say?

Here’s what people have to say about this brand new way of household cleaning:

“I just received my @blueland cleaning products! The spray bottles are really nice, sturdy, and are meant to be used for a lifetime and the refill packets are compostable = minimized waste for our planet! #ENVIR490 #sustainability #reuse #compostable http://blueland.com”, says one.


Another user says, “Anyway, each pill is $2, is shipped in a recyclable paper envelope. Think about it. water you have at home, and most cleaners cost more. For the majority of the cleaning needed at home, the cleaners are ideal. I can't stress enough how mindblowing this revelation is to me”.

And here’s one from a mother: “The high quality reusable bottles are perfect to withstand attack by 5 rough boys between tree ages of 3 and 5. The extra tablets are so compact and easy to add to refill bottles. The lack of disposable plastic is such a weight off my mind. The scents are fresh, the products clean what they are supposed to, and the reduction of my carbon footprinRead more about review stating Exactly what I've been looking for helps me sleep better at night!”


Now is the time to get more conscious about your home and the planet and Blueland can help you do just that.

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this article belong to the writer and are not necessarily shared by MEAWW.

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