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'Shark Tank': Love & Pebble walks away with no deal, fans hope 'they get more sales'

Despite the heartwarming story and a viral product, Love & Pebble was unable to score a single offer
UPDATED NOV 20, 2021
Lynda Truong and Paul Tran of Love & Pebble on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)
Lynda Truong and Paul Tran of Love & Pebble on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

When it comes to skincare, the whole ordeal is both time-consuming and expensive. Good skincare products seldom come cheap. And of course, there is the constant worry of what goes into said products. With people focusing on clean products that are healthy for your skin, Love & Pebble is a brand that has combined age of techniques with modern-day sensibilities.

Paul Tran and Lynda Truong of Love & Pebble were hoping to score a deal of $150,000 for 10% equity. But would their brand and numbers be enough to impress Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner or guest shark Daniel Lubetzky? Continue reading to find out!


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The idea behind Love & Pebble was simple enough -- when Tran saw Truong applying a frozen banana to her face, she explained that there were benefits to it and had him try it out. Seeing the results, they created beauty pops, which uses icing and a unique facemask mix to make a DIY cryogenic facial.

While Tran has a pharmaceutical background, Truong previously owned a clothing boutique. However, skincare was something she was always passionate about and growing up; she used DIY methods to treat her acne. She even went as far as to sell her house to invest $100,000 in her business.

Tran even explained that their business was inspired by penguins, as they mate for life, with the male penguin giving the female one a pebble during courtship. So for him, Love & Pebble was his pebble to Lynda. While all the sharks were enamoured by their sweet love story, it finally boiled down to numbers.

The brand had made over $890,000 in lifetime sales, with over $100,000 in just four days back in May, when the product when viral online. With a patent pending, the husband-wife duo were hoping to strike a deal. But they seemed to have run out of luck entirely, with all the sharks refusing to make them an offer. 

Fans, however, were largely supportive and wished the brand the best. "Best of luck to #LoveAndPebble! I hope this visibility helps with more sales! #SharkTank" tweeted a fan. "Love& Pebble, hope they make it #SharkTank" added another. "I love fun skin care (like sheet masks) and think Love & Pebble would be super COOL to use in summertime! #SharkTank" said another. "Lynda's authenticity is refreshing and touching. You can sense how strong of a bond Lynda and Paul have. They're supportive partners to one another, in life and in business. Such a sweet couple. #SharkTank" tweeted guest shark Daniel Lubetzky. 





'Shark Tank' Season 13 Episode 7 airs on ABC on November 19, 2021, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring products like Love and Pebble, Sheet Laundry Club, Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm and Pink Picasso. 

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