What is Lori Greiner's Golden Ticket on ‘Shark Tank’? Souper Cubes to Bug Bite Thing, here's who won it in the past

Shaped like a real ticket, Lori Greiner hands over the gold-plated jewel piece that has 'Golden Ticket' written on it to her favorite pitch in every season

                            What is Lori Greiner's Golden Ticket on ‘Shark Tank’? Souper Cubes to Bug Bite Thing, here's who won it in the past
Lori Greiner flashes her Golden Ticket on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

Who wouldn't want to get a Golden Ticket? Well, if you're on ‘Shark Tank’, you dare not say NO to it as it only happens once in a couple of years. On the latest episode of ‘Shark Tank’, Souper Cubes bagged the ticket and founders Michelle Sendowski and Jacob Sendowski couldn't be happier.

The last time she gave a Golden Ticket was in 2018. “1 lucky person a year gets my golden ticket…See who gets it TONIGHT on an 'ALL NEW' #SharkTank 9/8c on ABC!! @ABCSharkTank,” she had posted then. Then, in October 2019, she posted, “I haven’t given my ‘Golden Ticket’ away for 2 years…this is it!! It’s truly gold & it means I’ll give you exactly what you asked for!!”


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Lori Greiner on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

In 2021, she finally took out her ticket again. A sneak peek from the episode revealed one product could win a golden ticket from Lori Greiner! Teasing the big secret, a 15-second clip reads, “Don't miss a life-changing #SharkTank, all-new TONIGHT.”

Now after that superb twist, the number one question on all minds seems to be: What does the Golden Ticket signify? Here's answering all your doubts and looking back to all the other companies that got the Golden Ticket.




What is the Golden Ticket?

Shaped like a real ticket, Lori Greiner hands over the gold-plated jewel piece that has “Golden Ticket” written on it to her favorite pitch in every season. Back in 2019, when she first flung it out, a confused Barbara Corcoran asked, “What’s the ticket about?” 

Poking fun at her, Kevin O’Leary joked, “I will let you write and sign on the contract with my Magic Pen.” To many viewers' disappointment, she never really explained what the Golden Ticket really meant. This time around, she told the Souper Cube founders that she hands out the Golden Ticket only once a season. Not another word about what that means for their future. 

Lori Greiner on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)

What really is the secret behind it? Explaining what it means, Lori said in an old video, “Once a year I give away my Golden Ticket, it's really gold and it means customers get exactly what they came asking for. And I save it for something that I really adore.”

Good for Souper Cubes but brings the morale down for upcoming entrepreneurs, doesn't it? Some fans were quite excited. “OMG, a Golden Ticket Offer from Lori! That is so awesome for #supercubes! I'm so excited for them. Indeed they checked all the boxes! Wow what a sweet wrap!” one wrote and another said, “The golden ticket was almost like a cheat code they were sold as soon as you brought it out.”

Others couldn't remember what it means. “Why do I not remember this 'golden ticket'? That's pretty cool though.” Another said, “A silicon product got a golden ticket? Why can't they imagine silicon in all possible kitchen form factors and call it a day.”







What companies have won the Golden Ticket?


Back in 2018, as Yair Reiner — the founder of Gowanus Kitchen Lab — who came with Frywall contemplated his offer, Lori surprised everyone by flinging out her Golden Ticket.

At the time, she explained what it was saying, she is willing to give exactly what he’s looking for — $100,000 for a 10% stake. As a bonus, she also promised to fund his orders, with a line of credit indefinitely.

Frywall on ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC)


Bug Bite Thing

A kid-friendly product that uses suction to remove inset saliva from under the skin, Bug Bite Thing got offers from all five Sharks (Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and Guest Shark Rohan Oza). However, Lori trumped them out by taking her “Golden Ticket” offer out. 

The mother-daughter duo Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister sought investment of $150,000 in exchange for 10 percent equity. They got exactly what they wanted. In fact, they even said no to Barbara's $200,000 deal for 10 percent!

Kelley Higney and Ellen McAlister (ABC)


Souper Cubes

Souper Cubes is the brainchild of wife and husband, Michelle Sendowski and Jacob Sendowski. Designed in California and manufactured in China, the square-trays used to store frozen food are made from 100% food-grade silicone and are BPA-free.

On the show, the founders got many deals from Kevin O'Leary but ultimately, Lori took the product home with the Golden Ticket!

Jacob Sendowski and Michelle Sendowski (ABC)
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