Could Shanquella Robinson have been saved? Slain NC woman was ALIVE for 3 hours before medics arrived

Could Shanquella Robinson have been saved? Slain NC woman was ALIVE for 3 hours before medics arrived
Shanquella Robinson was alive when the medics arrived at the villa (Shanquella Robinson/Instagram)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers' discretion advised

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: The new report in connection with the tormenting death of Shanquella Robinson, reveals the 25-year-old was alive for hours after medics arrived at the villa. Shanquella's devious friends allegedly lied to the doctor saying she imbibed a lot of alcohol and despite the doctor's advice to take their friend to the hospital, they insisted she be treated on-site. Shortly after, Shanquella was pronounced dead. 

The report also indicates, the woman was verbally unresponsive, at one point began seizing, and was issued several rounds of CPR, adrenaline, and AED shocks in an effort to save her, according to Daily Mail. She also suffered cardiac arrest prior to her death. Shanquella's friends allegedly told her parents that she died due to alcohol poisoning. However, an autopsy revealed that she was brutally beaten and suffered a broken neck and cracked spine. 


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On October 29, Shanquella's friend Wenter Donovan called the medics to the villa around 2.13 and within an hour Dr Karolina Beatriz Ornealas Gutierrez arrived at the scene. Dr Gutierrez who works with the American Medical Center, a local hospital in the Cabo area was called to the house for routine practice in tourist areas in Mexico, for reports of a person who had "drunk a lot of alcohol" and was in need of "an IV." The MetropliMx report also reported that Shanquella's vital signs were stable but she was unable to verbally communicate at the time. 

The doctor then advised her friends to take the 25-year-old to the hospital but the friends refused. The doctor then attempted an IV which was unsuccessful, the woman then started seizing, and "at this point the patient's friend, named Wenter Donovan, called 911 to request an ambulance," around 4.20 pm. "In the meantime, the patient presented with difficulty breathing and a lowered pulse, and they gave her rescue breaths," the report continued. Rescue tactics were administered at the beginning of 4.49 pm with CPR, but the doctor stopped detecting a pulse. 


Police arrived at 5.25 pm and spoke with Dr Gutierrez and administered "14 rounds of CPR, five doses of adrenaline and six discharges (AED shocks) without success," and 
Shanquella was officially declared dead at 5.57 pm by the doctor at the scene. Police had initially reported "cardiopulmonary arrest" as the cause of her death, but it changed after the autopsy reported her death due to spinal cord injury. Days after her death a shocking video circulated on the Internet, where a woman inhumanely beat a naked Shanquella in a room while her friends did nothing but just record the ordeal.



A man recording the assault was heard saying, “At least fight back,” and her other friends appeared to be supporting the attacker at one point as the victim lay helplessly on the ground. The woman who repeatedly beat Shanquella was identified as her friend Daejhanae Jackson. Mexican officials are investigating Shanquella's death as femicide, which is regional terminology for the intentional killing of a woman. They will reclassify it as a homicide if they find the killing was not gender related. The FBI is also investigating the death and interrogating Daejhanae Jackson, who appeared to violently assault Shanquella before her death, and the man who recorded the incident. No charges or arrests have been made yet. 

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