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'Where y'all at?': New video shows Shanquella Robinson in good spirits just hours before her tragic death

In the newly surfaced video, Robinson can be heard yelling, sounding lively, and laughing while debating on which swimsuits to wear
Shanquella Robinson mysteriously died (WBTV/YouTube)
Shanquella Robinson mysteriously died (WBTV/YouTube)

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA: A new video of Shanquella Robinson reportedly captured the 25-year-old in good spirits just before her tragic death in Cabo, Mexico. In the newly surfaced video, Robinson can be heard yelling while often sounding lively and laughing, "It don't take that long to get naked. Where y'all at?" Later, she was spotted with the group who were gathered in a room, while debating on which swimsuits to wear. The video was first shared on 'The Neighborhood Talk' Instagram page and as expected several social media users came out and reacted to it. 

One person commented, “WOWWWWW this is sad. You can tell they had a problem with her. And probably didn’t say anything cuz she walked in recording.” “This is crazy. She was in good spirits 🙏🏾” another added. Someone wrote, “This story breaks my heart man. Imagine going on vacation just trying to enjoy your life and walking right into a death sentence... I hope they all get life... In Mexico.” “Omg, this is so sad. You know how excited you are once you get to your destination! All the prep is done (shopping for outfits, hair, lashes, nails) and you finally make it. Just to be killed a few hours later 😔” yet another user remarked. 


Who attacked Shanquella Robinson? Shocking video shows businesswoman being assaulted by friend

'I never talked to my child again': Shanquella Robinson's grieving mom urges authorities to find her killer

The new video surfaced just after a few days back, a distressing video of Shanquella Robinson captured her being assaulted by a friend. The shocking video showed a woman repeatedly beating Shanquella Robinson as she is naked in a room. The violent attack was reportedly captured on camera by another of her friends at a villa in Cabo. Other group members appeared to be supporting the attacker at one point as the victim lay on the ground. “At least fight back,” a man who was recording the incident was heard saying. The autopsy report earlier also revealed Shanquella sustained a "broken neck and her spine in the back was cracked."


Meanwhile, the victim’s mother Salamondra Robinson also revealed her last conversation with her daughter on WBTV. She recalled, “[I] spoke with her Friday evening she was having dinner and I never spoke with her again. On Saturday evening, they called and said she wasn’t feeling well, and they were going to call a doctor. And when they called, the doctor hadn’t arrived yet, but they said she had alcohol poisoning.” “After they said it was alcohol poisoning, we received the autopsy report on Thursday and it said that her neck had been broken and she had a back spasm there was a crack, spinal cord was cracked. That took it to a whole ‘nother level because that meant somebody had attacked her,” Salamondra remarked.