Shane Warne was dead 45 mins before body was found after back-to-back massages: Paramedics

Shane Warne was dead 45 mins before body was found after back-to-back massages: Paramedics
Shane Warne died at the age of 52 (Photo by Luis Ascui/Getty Images)Images)

Star cricketer Shane Warne may have been dead for more than 45 minutes before paramedics entered his luxury villa in Thailand on March 4, according to first responders.

The news surfaced after a staff member from Samujana Villas in Koh Samui said that Warne charmed her and other staff members at the villa with his charisma and kindness during his short stay before his death in less than 24 hours after stepping off the plane.
Two paramedics, Anucha Hanaiam and Kittchai Huadmuang, answered the desperate calls from the resort in the afternoon on Friday. The paramedics told Daily Mail Australia that it was likely that Shane had suffered a heart attack while resting alone in his suit way before his friends thought to check on him. 


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The renowned leg spinner had a relaxing evening planned ahead on Friday that involved sessions with multiple masseuses, manicurists, and pedicurists, all booked to visit Warne in the resort for back-to-back treatments most of which were arranged by the villa’s manager from nearby affiliate parlors.

However, hotel staff said that one of the massages was reportedly booked by Shane or one of his friends.
After reaching Koh Samui late on Thursday, March 3, Shane had planned an in-house spa day for the next morning. The CCTV footage also showed four women leaving the resort at 2:58 pm. The staff member at the villa disclosed that the women seen in the footage were not affiliates of the villa and that they had been booked privately by Shane and his party which is not uncommon for guests staying at the resort.
Bovi, one of the masseuses who serviced Shane, said that he seemed to be really happy and relaxed after she left. “He seemed to enjoy himself very much. Everything was fine. He seemed perfectly healthy and gave us a good tip when we finished. We were both so shocked when we found out later that he had died,” said the 27-year old.

Health workers carry the body of Shane Warne from the morgue to be loaded onto an ambulance for departure from Surat Thani Hospital to Bangkok. (Photo by Sirachai Arunrugstichai/Getty Images)

Bovi and another masseuse Plu-Gun were the last to see Shane alive and were also interviewed by the Island’s detectives. Police, however, have ruled out the possibility of any foul play after the post-mortem report confirmed that the 52-year-old died of natural causes.

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