'Shameless': Fans cheer as Mickey Milkovich brings back classic line from Season 2 in failed job interview

Mickey's iconic line from Season 2 is back and fans are enjoying it just as much as the first time he let it loose

                            'Shameless': Fans cheer as Mickey Milkovich brings back classic line from Season 2 in failed job interview

Spoilers for 'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 2 'Go Home, Gentrifier!'

No one swears quite like a Milkovich and Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) always manages to make his family proud — at least in this one aspect. As Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) pressures Mickey to get a real job, Mickey snaps under the first sign of pressure bringing back a classic line from Season 2 that longtime 'Shameless' fans instantly recognized and celebrated. Even for fans who didn't get to remember the callback, however, Mickey's frustration is just as entertaining.

Mickey clearly has not had much legal job experience, as is evident by a straightforward job interview at a packing warehouse. The managers' request for a simple roleplay confuses Mickey right away and he claims immediately that he's married. After the manager assures Mickey that this is professional roleplay only, the interview only gest worse as Mickey first threatens the imaginary customer, then offers to sell the manager whatever weaponry he may desire.

Suffice to say, Mickey didn't get the job, causing him to explode immediately, much to the fans' delight. "Oh my god. Job interview Mickey is the greatest thing in the universe," wrote a fan.

Many fans love how much Mickey is willing to try something that clearly makes him uncomfortable for the sake of his marriage, as one fan wrote, "Mickey can't help but glance over at Ian after being told a job there won't work out. Mickey would do anything for his husband like try to get a legal job for the first time."

"Mickey hearing role play and immediately being like 'I'm married' and flashes his ring is the kind of content I'm here for," wrote one viewer. "Ian watching Mickey's interview crumble and him storm off like such a drama queen was the funniest scene on television I've seen," wrote another fan.








Other fans simply celebrated, in all caps, Mickey's swearing at everyone he can see, as he says, 'F**k you, f**ck you and especially f**ck you!' "F**K YES MICKEY. YOU TELL EM," wrote a fan. "'F**K YOU F**K YOU AND ESPECIALLY F**K YOU' ICONIC" wrote another.  One fan even compiled a short comparison video recalling the moment from Season 2.






Of course, Noel Fisher himself, who regularly live tweets the show and interacts with the fans who are watching, only had this to say: "Mickey is good at jobbing" - though he also acknowledges the callback, writing, "Triple f callback."




The next episode of 'Shameless' airs on December 20 at 9 pm ET on Showtime.

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