'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 12 Finale: Did Frank open his eyes? Here's the real twist and why he might return

The series finale of 'Shameless' is surely going to be an emotionally charged episode and fans will be expecting a happy ending for the Gallaghers

                            'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 12 Finale: Did Frank open his eyes? Here's the real twist and why he might return
A still from 'Shameless' (Showtime/YouTube)

‘Shameless’ is set for its showdown. The series finale of the highly popular show will be packed with emotional sequences and riveting storylines. However, one thing that fans will be expecting from the final episode is to tie all the loose ends over the course of the finale.

The South Side’s clan favorite clan is set to go out with a bang and it is surely going to be a wild last ride.

Fans would be hoping to see Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) reuniting with his entire family, including Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum). The ongoing season has been really tough for Frank and a lot of unfortunate events took place in his life which made everyone believe that he might be walking toward his end.


'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 12 Finale: Is Frank really dead? Here are all the signs pointing toward his end

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The recent diagnosis has made us believe that Frank has indeed taken his last breath and might not feature on the series finale. Are we going to see a funeral in the finale? Or will there be a twist in the tale?


Before looking at how things could pan out in the finale, let us take a look at what happened in the previous episode of ‘Shameless’ Episode 11.

‘Shameless’ Season 11 Episode 11 Recap

The penultimate episode of Season 11 gave us an idea of how the show might come to an end. It saw Liam (Christian Isaiah) spending some quality time with Frank and temporarily lifting his spirits. After a day filled with joyous moments, Frank and Liam make their way to the Alibi. However, things start to go downhill when his body rejects his beloved alcohol. That’s the time when he starts questioning his own identity.

Shameless (Showtime)

With his Dementia continuing to get worse, Frank loses control of his body and collapses on the couch. At the end of the episode, it did appear as though Frank died. He also wrote a letter for his family before falling on the floor. Is that the end of Frank? Only time will tell.

‘Shameless’ Season 11 Episode 12 Spoilers

The promo somehow confirms that Frank did not die at the end of Episode 11. Maybe, it means there are bigger things in store for the viewers. The promo tells us that the characters will see huge changes in their lives. Ian (Cameron Gallagher) and Mickey (Noel Fisher) are set to rebuild their lives at a new place. Both of them shop for furniture for their new place.



Meanwhile, Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) are looking for a buyer for the Alibi. Other characters like Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Carl (Ethan Kutkosky) get busy in their respective lives. Lip settles for a job while Carl gets a new role in the police force.

Looks like the finale episode will see all the characters getting a befitting end. However, fans are waiting for what happens with Frank during the finale episode.

The Gallagher Family (Showtime)

The official logline says, “Ian and Mickey shop for furniture for their new place, and Kev and V look for a buyer for the Alibi. While Lip settles for a new job, Carl finally finds his calling in a new role in the police force. Debbie plunges into a treacherous world when she meets someone new. Frank comes to terms with his own mortality.”

Will Frank die? This is something we might get to know when the finale airs. Regardless of whatever happens during the finale, it will surely make fans emotional because it will truly be the end of an era.

'Shameless' to air Season 11 finale episode on Showtime on April 11, at 9 pm ET. 

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