'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 1: Longtime fans already 'wanna cry watching this first ep of the final season'

Fans are growing emotional at the final 'Shameless' season premiere airs, nostalgic for all the episodes that have come before

                            'Shameless' Season 11 Episode 1: Longtime fans already 'wanna cry watching this first ep of the final season'

The countdown has officially begun, as the long-running 'Shameless' hits its final season. While fans have known for a while that 'Shameless' was coming to an end, the eleventh and final Season's premiere has had many of the fans feeling emotional as the journey to the end begins. Right from the very first moments of the show, fans logged in to social media to share their excitement for the series' return, and the nostalgic feelings that are already rising from knowing that it's not long before the series ends.

"just a few minutes in and I’m already a little emo. I’m most certainly gonna cry on the last episode," wrote a fan, online. Another fan wrote about how hard it is going to find a series to follow 'Shameless' up with, writing, "Wanna cry watching this first ep of the final season. One of the only shows, ever I’ve watched start to finish.....all others will have SO MUCH to live up to." "Im going to cry, I can’t believe this is the last season," wrote this fan. "F**k. I’m really going to miss this show," wrote another.









The US version of 'Shameless' first came out in 2011, and 11 seasons later, will end a full decade after it began. Fans have watched the characters change and grow as the series go on - in some case quite noticeably, as at least have of the series' main cast were children when the show began. One fan even took a moment to catalogue just how much the cast has grown since the series began.



In the meantime, fans are just growing nostalgic for all the Seasons that have gone by, and the strong impression that 'Shameless' made right out of the gate. "Ugh the opening is making me nostalgic for Season 1! How is this the last #Shameless season premiere?" wrote one fan. One fan is just happy to have the series return, and wrote, "shameless time i missed them SO MUCH."





It's an emotional, but bittersweet premiere. It may be the last, but fans can be comforted in the fact that there's still a full season's worth of episodes still to go.

The next episode of 'Shameless' Season 11 airs on Sunday, December 13, on Showtime.

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