'Sexy Beasts': Are Emma and Bennett still together? Devil picks Mandrill for her 'fairytale ending'

'This doesn’t end here for me and Emma. I know it doesn’t. Like, it’s amazing. Fairy-tale ending,' expressed Bennett after seeing Emma

                            'Sexy Beasts': Are Emma and Bennett still together? Devil picks Mandrill for her 'fairytale ending'
Emma and Bennett from 'Sexy Beasts' (Netflix)

Emma, a six-foot tall model from New York was tired of dating men who were just interested in her looks. The 21-year-old was looking for a deeper connection that isn't just based off on looks, someone who doesn't judge a book by its cover. Luckily for Emma, Netflix's latest dating show 'Sexy Beasts' seems to be the answer to all her dating woes.

'Sexy Beasts' features singles from across the US and UK, who are completely transformed using makeup and prosthetics to look like anthropomorphic animals. They are then sent out on a date. Each episode features a single person on a quest to find their perfect partner just based on their personality. They are presented with three potential love interests, who are disguised by the elaborate makeup too. In the end, the single will be able to see the face of their chosen match.


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Archie, the Greek God statue, Bennett the Mandrill, and Adam under mouse mask were Emma's three suitors on 'Sexy Beasts' (Netflix)

Are Emma and Bennett still together?

The pilot episode featured Emma disguised as a devil, and her three suitors were: Archie, a Greek God statue, who claims to have been in only one relationship in his life; Bennett, a former pro volleyball player, under the mask of a mandrill, who claims to be very drawn to boobs; and Adam, an electrician from Birmingham, England, under the mouse mask. Adam reveals that he wears women's perfume to make him seem more likable. Unfortunately for Adam, Emma was far from impressed by him. She dumped Adam after the first date itself, while she felt that Archie and Bennett had to step up their game for the second date. 

For their second date, Archie took her to a spa for a foot massage. While Emma enjoyed spending time with Archie and connecting with him, her date with Bennett turned out to be far more exciting and fun. The Mandrill-masked man took her to an amusement park where they discussed sex and loyalty while enjoying fun rides. Their date ended with a romantic kiss. Finally, it was time for Emma to pick her favorite date, and she instantly chose Bennett. 

Emma and Bennett enjoying their second date at an amusement park (Netflix)

Finally, the couple got to see each other without their masks, and couldn't get enough of each other. While Emma felt she made the right choice after looking at her new hunky boyfriend, Bennett described the moment as a 'fairytale ending'. He said, "This doesn’t end here for me and Emma. I know it doesn’t. Like, it’s amazing. Fairytale ending." So, did their fairytale ending last or meet an untimely end? Currently, there are no clues suggesting the current status of Emma and Bennett's relationship. There's no trace of Emma on Bennett's Instagram leaving us wondering if the couple are still together. We will just have to wait to hear from either Emma or Bennett about their current relationship status. 

'Sexy Beasts' is available for streaming on Netflix.

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