Kim Ji Soo to join military in October amid sexual harassment scandal, slammed for using army as 'escape door'

Kim Ji Soo to join military in October amid sexual harassment scandal, slammed for using army as 'escape door'
Actor Ji Soo to enlist in military following sexual harassment allegations (actor_jisoo/ Instagram)

Actor Kim Ji Soo, recently in news for a number of sexual harassment allegations along with being accused as a school bully will enlist in the military this year in October. Previously, the KBS television series ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ where Ji Soo was currently starring halted its shoot as the show producers are in talks to replace the ‘Angry Mom’ actor.

According to the latest reports, Ji Soo will enlist in the army where he will complete four weeks of basic military training. Following the training period, Ji Soo will work as a public social worker.


Actor Ji Soo accused of sexual assault and filming himself having sex in school loo, fans say it may 'ruin' him

Kim Ji Soo bullying and sexual harassment scandal: Inside ‘womanizer’ school days when he filmed ‘sex in loo’

Actor Ji Soo to enlist in Military following sexual allegations charges  (Actor_Jisoo Instagram)

According to the website, Koreaboo, Ji Soo’s military service warrant arrived back in December 2020, prior to the news regarding his alleged school violence. As he was born in 1993, Ji Soo is currently 29 years old in Korean age. However, Ji Soo's agency, KeyEast, is yet to confirm Ji Soo’s enlistment.

Ji Soo was first accused of sexual harassment and being a school bully on an online forum by an anonymous user who claimed to know Ji Soo in middle school and wrote "Actor Ji Soo is a perpetrator of school violence." The serious allegations against the actor included that he had intercourse with a middle school student after skipping school and filmed it in loo. Another accuser added, "He even forced male students to do him a favor, ejaculating on the victim's face,” claiming that the user has recordings of conversations with the victim as proof.

After the accusations surfaced on social media, Ji Soo uploaded a handwritten apology stating, “I sincerely apologize to the people who suffered because of me. There is no excuse for my past misconduct.” The long apology read, “I want to express my deep atonement to the people who must have suffered for a long time while watching me go about my work as an actor, and I will reflect on and repent my past, which can never be washed away, for the rest of my life. I am tormented and feel guilty about the fact that I have inflicted tremendous damage upon the network, producers, actors, and all of the staff who have been quietly working hard on the drama set of ‘River Where the Moon Rises.”


Is he hiding in the military?

The recent report of the actor enlisting in the military has fueled the outrage further where online users claim that the actor is choosing to go to the military to ‘hide’ for now. A user stated, “I still can't believe it... I really liked him... I guess male celebrities really go hide in the military huh?” Another said, “Why do celebs always do this. have a scandal then leave by going to the military. hes not gonna come back innocent anyway!” A user opined, “More like "when I come back ppl would have forgot about it huhu!” Another said, “Everyone predicted it! going to the army is always the escape door that korean celebrities choose...!so everyone will forget about him and come back like nothing happened!”









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