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10 sexy shows like 'The Woman in the House' on Netflix: 'Elite' to 'Dark Desire', here's a list

A list of some of the hottest shows on Netflix right now!
Kristen Bell as Anna in 'The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window' (IMDb)
Kristen Bell as Anna in 'The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window' (IMDb)

What's more addictive than a murder mystery with some ultra steamy scenes? 'The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window' may have its flaws but the unwavering chemistry shared by the cast is what makes this series an ideal binge-watch!

Starring Kristen Bell (as Anna), Tom Riley (as Neil) and Benjamin Levy Aguilar (as Rex), every episode of the eight-part series ends in a cliffhanger. What's intriguing is how well Anna hits it off with stripper Rex, and is immediately hooking up with him in almost every corner of the house! On another note, the intense chemistry Anna shares with Neil is so romantic and seriously makes us wonder why the two haven't gotten together yet! Well, here's a look at other such steamy offerings from Netflix.


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'Dark Desire' 

Definitely, a must-watch series, that gets all the more interesting and addictive with each episode. 'Dark Desire' is the type of series that leaves you hooked and wanting more. Dario (played by Alejandro Speitzer) plays a great role as eye candy, using the victim card till about the fag end of the series. With several twists, an unexpected ending, and a lot of nudity, we're sure hoping to see more seasons for one of the hottest shows on Netflix right now!

Alejandro Speitzer as Dario Guerra and Maite Perroni as Alma Solares in 'Dark Desire' (IMDb)

'Grand Army' 

'Grand Army' revolves around troubled teens who struggle with sexualilty, racial issues and even insecurities. As a result of said issues, they treat themselves as well as their peers rather horribly. A typical depiction of adolescence couple with confusion, and unaccounted for anger makes for the perfect guilty pleasure watch!

Odley Jean as Dominique Pierre and Alphonso Romero Jones II as John Ellis in Grand Army (IMDb)

'The Five Juanas' 

'The Five Juanas' revolves around a mysterious plot of five women (with the same birthmark) finding each other, to later unravel some sort of secret. What makes this series worth watching is the perfect add-on of frequently displayed nudity, trash talk, and PDA.



An absolutely delicious teen drama, 'Elite', although quite fast-paced, focuses on sensitive matters like troubled gay teenagers, racism, and even STDs. 'Elite' comes under the murder mystery genre and includes sex in plentiful. A completely different and informative take on high schoolers, this series is raunchy for all the right reasons, take a look for yourself!


'How to Get Away with Murder?' 

Starring the iconic Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, this show revolves around Davis and her five criminal law interns. What's more, this show has some serious kinks, with the professor indulging in sex with her students. Some of the sex scenes are so hardcore that Davis even hurt her back while with Billy Brown (played by Nate Lahey).



A university student swore to never indulge in love after getting cheated on. She soon falls for a player, and soon enough, things get out of hand and extremely heated in this quite confusing Korean drama. Starring Yoo Na-bi (Han So-hee) and Park Jae-eon (Song Kang), this 10 episode series is the definition of an ideal "friends with benefits" situation, which makes it all the more intriguing to keep watching. Their undying chemistry is sure to keep us on the edge of our seats too!

Song Kang as Park Jae Eon and Han So-hee as Yoo Na Bi in 'Nevertheless' (IMDb)

Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) is literally every woman's dream come to life; a real-life greek God, if you will. He is dreamy, sexy and you're sure to find yourself drooling over this fine piece of specimen more than once. What's more is that his lover in the series, Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe), is drop-dead gorgeous. Fraser's complete interest in the female pleasure makes this series' love scenes a lot more titillating to sit through. Word to the wise; don't skip to the steamy parts right away. You're going to want to take in every bit of the love-making, from start to finish. 

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Randall and Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in 'Outlander' (IMDb)


A US take on a UK show, Emmy Rossum (as Fiona Gallagher), makes it a point to care the most for her siblings but when she wants to take a break, she goes all out (inclusive of her hooking up with students as well). Hardcore sex scenes that needed her to replace kitchenware! The show is really raw in terms of things that are particular in sex, making the US version a must-watch. 



A colorful take of London’s Regency Era, producers Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen exceeded expectations whilst adapting one of Julia Quinn's romance novels with 'Bridgerton'. The series had some serious steamy love scenes, so you might want to brace yourselves for this one!


'Sex, Love and Goop'

Sexual wellness experts help troubled couples with intimacy issues on how to further embrace and enhance their relationships through pleasurable sex, opening up their minds to kinks, fantasies and establishing a balanced give and take. 


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