'Sex Education' Season 2: Otis and Eric's newfound confidence, Adam's conflicted feelings, and what to expect when the Netflix show returns

When 'Sex Education' returns, we hope to see all the characters' stories pushed to their boundaries.

                            'Sex Education' Season 2: Otis and Eric's newfound confidence, Adam's conflicted feelings, and what to expect when the Netflix show returns

It has been a long and unexpected wait for the return of 'Sex Education' Season 2, and yet the promise of eight new episodes sometime in 2020 gives us some hope. When the Netflix show returns, we are hoping to see how life has been treating our favorite  Moordalers, specifically, Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Meave (Emma Mackey),  Adam (Connor Swindells), and Amiee (Aimee Lou Wood). 

As we saw in the Season 1 finale, Otis has finally masturbated and is now in a relationship with Ola (Patricia Allison), which opens up the possibilities for a host of new storylines. The same goes for Eric, who has decided to embrace his fierceness and Meave (Emma Mackey), who recently got her heartbroken after seeing Ola and Otis kissing. When the show returns, we hope to see all these characters' stories pushed to their boundaries, but if we had to pick the top three storylines we are excited to see it would be: 

Confident Eric and Otis

With the events that transpired in Season 1 of 'Sex Education', Eric and Otis' lives changed irrevocably, in that not only have they become a more confident pair of lads, they are also entering the unchartered territory of popularity. Otis personally feels desired because of his relationship with Ola, while Eric starts getting attention from various avenues after he starts expressing himself in the way he carries himself. Moreover, the relationship with Adam, as problematic as it is, also adds a skip to his steps.


Adam's dilemma

In the previous season, Adam has probably had the most growth out of everyone, going from the rebellious teenage son of the school principal to the closeted gay boy who is in love with the boy he bullies. Even though it usually is one step forward and two back with Adam and Eric, he definitely has shown a tender side of himself to Eric and despite his inhibitions about exploring a gay relationship, we are hopeful about this couple. Adam may have his doubts about Eric, but they certainly are meant to be together. 

Future of Otis and Meave's business

At the end of Season 2, Meave had admitted to herself that she and Otis would make a perfect couple, but when she went to tell him the same, she saw him and Ola kissing. Clearly there is some resentment on her end, especially after Otis has expressed his sentiments in not so many words many times in the past. It would be awkward for her to run the business with him anymore and we will definitely see that in Season 2. Our guess is that the resentment and jealousy while being forced to work together will force Meave to confess her feelings, and Otis to hopefully reciprocate as well. 

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