Seven-year-old whose mom wants to transition him to girl chooses to go to school as boy with father

Texas pediatrician Anne Georgulas and husband Jeff Younger are fighting it out in court for custody of James and his twin Jude.

                            Seven-year-old whose mom wants to transition him to girl chooses to go to school as boy with father
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A young child whose mother identifies him as a girl and wants to transition him because she claims he has gender dysphoria has finally been able to attend school as a boy.

Seven-year-old James Younger made headlines across the country when his mother Anne Georgulas, a Texas pediatrician, went to court so he would be identified as "Luna", stating that she wanted to transition him as he was transgender, according to the Heavy.  

She wanted him treated like a girl, and asked the court to stop the father, Jeff Younger, from "signing Luna up as James for any activities or taking her as James or calling her James or using male pronouns related to Luna at any activities outside the home."

She also asked the court to stop him from "allowing the children to remain in the presence of anyone who is not calling Luna by her chosen name, ‘Luna,’ not using female pronouns to refer to her and otherwise not affirming Luna."

Georgulas argued that James wants to be Luna, identifies as a girl, and should be shown "affirmation." Younger, however, was very much against the idea and instead wanted to take an approach of "watchful waiting."

In court, his lawyers said James did not want to be a girl and pointed out how he wore boy clothes and chose to identify himself as James while he was with Young. The father himself testified about an incident where he had seen James throw away the dresses he had at his home in the middle of the night.

The lawyers pointed to a study by custody evaluator Dr. Benjamin Albritton that stated that there was a 66% chance James will return to identifying with his biological sex if they decide to wait on a decision to transition him. However, he also recommended they can begin transitioning.

LifeSiteNews reported that the judge, who initially ruled that Georgulas would have complete authority over psychological and psychiatric care for James and his twin, Jude, changed her decision and granted her and Younger managing conservatorship and joint decision making of the children.

This saw Younger have increased time with the boys and have custody of them on school nights, and stripped Georgulas of the power to subject James to medical "transitioning" without his consent. The mother, meanwhile, has been trying to remove the judge.

Following the new ruling, the Save James page on Facebook posted this past week that the seven-year-old had chosen to wear boy clothes to school while he was staying with his father and uses his legal name, James. 

"James and Jude's teachers had reported that there was zero stress or disruptions in the classroom today," the page wrote. "Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose! * Affirm this! "

The ruling also means that moving forward, James will be allowed to pick the name he wants to be called at school.

Speaking to LifeSiteNews about the development, Alan Echols, a SaveJames supporter, said, "We are determined to get louder and now have thousands who will hold those Senators and Representatives accountable during the next election. We the people are fed up with the attacks on children by the transgender agenda."

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