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Seth Ferranti: Ex-fugitive says Brian Laundrie is hiding at some friend's place

Seth Ferranti was on the run for 2 years and about Brian Laundrie, he says, 'I think he is using a support system'
Former fugitive Seth Ferranti has asked Brian Laundrie to turn himself in (Instagram)
Former fugitive Seth Ferranti has asked Brian Laundrie to turn himself in (Instagram)

A former fugitive, who was on the US Marshals’ most wanted list, has claimed that Brian Laundrie is getting help from friends or a relative as cops look for him. Seth Ferranti told The Sun, “I think he is using a support system. I believe that his parents might be secondary in that support — that they are reaching him through a relative.”

Ferranti went on to say that if the 23-year-old North Port native “is smart he will be holed up, not going out. That said, he is a pretty average looking dude, if he wears a hat and a mask he could disguise himself.” He also added: “The scrutiny of this case, that must be wearing pretty hard on him. I think he is holed up at a relative's or at a friend's.”


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Who is Seth Ferranti?

Ferranti was on the run from 1991 to 1993 after facing nonviolent drug trafficking charges. He is the co-writer of Netflix’s true-crime documentary ‘White Boy' that shows the story of Richard Wershe Jr, aka 'White Boy Rick', an FBI tipster who spent over two decades behind bars for a drug offense committed when he was a teenager.


As per Ferranti’s website, “He began building a writing and journalism career from inside the belly of the beast. With unlimited access to criminals and their stories, Ferranti started crafting raw portrayals of prison life and crack-era gangsters. Discovering a passion and talent for writing Ferranti also studied the trade earning an associates, bachelors and masters degree while in prison.”

Commenting on Brian, the 49-year-old stated, “Most people get caught because they do not have resources. People with resources can hide out forever. Being close to resources is key and I think he is close to home,” before mentioning, “When I was a fugitive...I was paranoid. You think there is a cop around every corner, that everybody is looking for you. And there is much more scrutiny on him.”


Brian has been missing for over three weeks after returning home alone from a cross-country trip that he started with his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, whose body was discovered in a remote area at the Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. His parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, first told authorities that they last saw him on September 14, but later changed their stance and claimed their son left the home on September 13. The family’s lawyer Steven Bertolino told WFLA, “The Laundries were basing the date Brian left on their recollection of certain events.’


But Ferranti said, “To have any type of communication he would need to have a burner phone. The world is weighing pretty heavy on him right now. Even if he is innocent. Running is not a good look.” He also noted, “Laundrie does deserve his day in court. But if he did hurt that girl he deserves everything that's coming to him and worse.”

About his own experience, while being a fugitive and then caught, he shared he was actually “relieved” when he got arrested. Ferranti added: “It takes its toll, to constantly be someone you are not. After the first six months, I adapted back to life, I wanted to have friends. Isolation is hard. It is a mental burden.”

Cops are searching the Carlton Reserve to catch Brian Laundrie (North Port Police)

As the authorities are hunting around the Carlton Reserve to catch Brian, Ferranti has a piece of advice for him. He said, “One slip up and he is pretty much done for. Police are waiting for that one big break. Once they have that they are pretty much going to get you within days. I would say turn yourself in Brian.”