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Serial killer Peter Tobin 'at death's door' as victim's family begs him to reveal location of her body

The families of Peter Tobin's victims are now hoping he will come clean about his past crimes as the 76-year-old's health rapidly deteriorates
Serial killer Peter Tobin's health has been deteriorating rapidly after he suffered a hip injury for which he needed surgery (STRATHCLYDE POLICE)
Serial killer Peter Tobin's health has been deteriorating rapidly after he suffered a hip injury for which he needed surgery (STRATHCLYDE POLICE)

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: The health of vicious serial killer Peter Tobin is rapidly deteriorating and he is reportedly "at death's door."

The 76-year-old, who is serving life sentences for the murders of Luisce Kay, Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol, Jessie Earl and a few others was seen chained to a hospital bed as he spent his fifth week in a Scottish NHS facility after undergoing emergency treatment for his broken hip. Tobin, who is suffering from cancer, suffered a life-threatening injury after falling in prison.


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A report by The Daily Record revealed that he has not returned to HMP Edinburgh. A source said, “He’s not getting any better, in fact, his condition is getting worse." Tobin is currently under guard in Hospital. The outlet even contacted Tobin's ex-wife Cathy Wilson, who only said "good" when they told him about his predicament.

Seeing his health, his victims' families are urging him to come clean. According to Daily Record, Nicola Stork, whose sister Louise Kay was one of Tobin's victims, said, “I don’t want Tobin to die because it means we might never know but I’ve got no sympathy if he’s in pain. If he dies without giving us information about Louise, then it probably means we’ll never know what happened to her or where she is. I hope he will confess something or the police can go and speak to him to get it out of him.”

Kay, then 18, disappeared from Beachy Head near Eastbourne in June 1988. She was said to be sleeping in her car. However, the officer found neither her nor her car. Her family revealed she met a mysterious man and asked him for money for petrol before vanishing. Retired detective superintendent David Swindle, who caught Tobin, said he was working as a waiter at a hotel in Eastbourne at the time she disappeared. The officer learned that he used to sell hand-painted cars and had links with scrapyards. It was thought then that Tobin had her car repainted and sold it to hide his crime.

Louise Kay (screenshot from Sussex Serious Crime Watch/ YouTube)
Louise Kay was among Peter Tobin's victims (Screenshot from Sussex Serious Crime Watch/ YouTube)

Stork, 56, who sells vintage furniture, said, “We’ve never known what happened to her – it is so sad. I wish Tobin would confess and give up these secrets. It might lead police to find something that can link to his DNA or Louise’s remains being found but there’s never been anything. My dad is still around and is in his 80s so it would be so important for him to know what happened.”

According to Daily Record, Another of Tobin's victims was 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton. She was abducted by Tobin on February 10, 1991, while she was waiting for a bus after visiting her elder sister. The serial killer was convicted for her murder after officials found her body in a garden in Margate, Kent, in 2008. Vicky’s sister Sharon Crozier, now 51, said, “I feel blessed that we got Vicky back. It sounds a very strange thing to say but I am. But we were lucky. We were able to bring her home and, no matter how terrible the details surrounding her death were, we got closure. We know what happened. These poor families who believe that Tobin killed their loved ones deserve that too."


The investigators arrested Tobin as a suspect in Hamilton's murder after they got to know that he lived in the area of West Lothian when she ­disappeared. A large forensics team moved suspicious large rocks which led to her body being unearthed.

Jessie Earl (Family Submission)
Jessie Earl is another of Tobin's victims whose family still is dealing with her murder (Family Submission)

Another young girl, Jessie Earl, who went missing in 1980 is also believed to be Tobin's victim. Jessie, a 22-year-old art student, disappeared in 1980 and her body was found in the undergrowth at Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, nine years later. Her body was found with her hands tied with her bra. Earlier, investigators declared her death as suicide but her parents fought a long legal fight and managed to get their daughter the justice she deserved. Speaking after the verdict, her mother Valerie said, “For us, this is a triumph because it means that Jessie has got justice. It’s something that we have come to accept. We have to carry on with life but we never give up hope and keep her memory alive.”

Swindle launched and led operation Anagram, during which he looked into hundreds of unsolved murders with any links to Tobin and eventually narrowed it down to nine.
“If there's any humanity there, Tobin will give up the secrets of what happened to these other victims. There won't be any sympathy for him being in pain but, if indeed he is dying, it's the least he could do for these families,” said Swindle.