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Who was Robert Johnson? Houston cop implicates two female colleagues in child sex abuse before killing himself

The crimes were brought to light when dispatcher Christina McKay, who was having an affair with him, abruptly reported to authorities that Sgt Johnson was allegedly sexually abusing children
(Lto R) Chonda Shalett Williams, Robert Johnson, and Christina Michelle McKay (Harris County Constable's Office, Precinct 1)
(Lto R) Chonda Shalett Williams, Robert Johnson, and Christina Michelle McKay (Harris County Constable's Office, Precinct 1)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: A Texas sergeant confessed to child sexual assault, while also implicating two of his co-workers, in his "dying declaration" before killing himself after a six hour stand-off with police on Wednesday. Sgt Robert Johnson, an eight-year veteran of Harris County Precinct One in Houston, named dispatcher Christina McKay and deputy Chonda Williams as complicit in his crimes before shooting himself in the head.

The string of complicated allegations was unearthed after officials with the Harris County Precinct 1 Constable's Office questioned a dispatcher about her poor work performance. It opened a Pandora's box of disturbing activities allegedly committed by the sergeant, along with the deputy and dispatcher. 


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Six-hour-long standoff 

In a press conference on Friday, May 21, 2021, constable Alan Rosen said that the crimes were brought to light when dispatcher Christina McKay abruptly reported to them that Sgt Johnson was allegedly sexually abusing children. Rosen's office contacted Houston Police and other agencies in the area, including CPS, and soon an investigation was launched.

According to Brazoria County court records, McKay reportedly told investigators that Johnson, a married man, and Dep Williams were having a months-long affair that also involved a minor.

Before one sexual assault, McKay said that he gave the minor some pills "so she wouldn't be aware."

A string of disturbing allegations

According to the court records, McKay too admitted to having an affair with Johnson.

Officers confirmed that McKay made reservations at a hotel in Pearland more than 20 times. On at least one occasion, she told investigators she gave Johnson pills to "sedate the minor children victims" during the sexual assault. Once, when he left the hotel, he carried a child out "over his shoulder."

Situation closing in on Johnson

By Wednesday, May 19, 2021, the dispatcher reportedly alerted authorities that she was with Johnson and that he was threatening to kill her and commit suicide. Soon enough, the situation was closing in on Johnson. Officers were looking for him, and deputies in Liberty County reportedly tracked him down and tried to pull him over. Following a chase, and then a standoff that lasted for about six hours, he admitted to being involved in several child sexual assaults, authorities said. Investigators said Johnson made what they called a "dying declaration" before he took his own life.

"Johnson confessed to everything he had done and he implicated two other employees at this office, Christina McKay and Chonda Williams," said Rosen.

The two women were fired, charged with sexual assault of a child and arrested. According to the latest reports, McKay was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and Chonda Shalett Williams was charged with sexual assault of a child. Bonds for both are $200,000.

Who is Robert Johnson?

A married man, neighbors and colleagues said Johnson seemed like a "family guy". 

“They just seemed a nice, quiet family, and he seemed to be a family guy and he was always out walking with his family," neighbor Cliff Naquin. reportedly said, adding, "Especially after last year, you’d think nothing would shock you. But this was definitely shocking.”

A woman who had been in a previous relationship with Johnson reportedly described him as a "narcissist" and that there were several red flags pointing to the possibility of the truth of such allegations.

However, Rosen said, "It's pretty apparent that everybody around this guy had no idea that he was a pedophile. Not his wife. Not his friends. Not his co-workers. Nobody."

Constable Rosen said he's been in contact with the victims and their families. "Robert Johnson did some terrible things and he will meet his maker to answer for that," said Rosen. "I am here to tell anyone who harms children in this case or any case that 'the good' law enforcement officers are coming for you. I can tell you I am here to speak and stand for the victims today, tomorrow and for years to come."

Apparently, this was not the first time that Johnson was involved in a crime. Rosen revealed that he hired Johnson after he was fired from the Harris County Sheriff's Office for an inappropriate relationship with an adult. He wanted to give Johnson a second chance. After passing a psychiatric evaluation and background check, Johnson was hired.