Fans accuse Selma Blair of cultural appropriation for wearing a headscarf and posting pics online

Fans accuse Selma Blair of cultural appropriation for wearing a headscarf and posting pics online

Actor Selma Blair recently took to Instagram to share two pictures where she is seen wearing a headscarf. The actress captioned the picture as "We have one answer to your bad hair days or NO hair days. #alopecia @rachelfleit ... wraps! (oh, it’s been around for thousands of years...) . #rachelfleit #selma Blair #glamour. #ediebeale inspiration pin. Maybe a little #normadesmondthrown in."

While the actor just wanted to share her look with her fans in two photos she posted posing with fashion designer Rachel Fleit and her son Arthur Saint Bleick, many of them were not happy with the picture. Some expressed their disappointment towards the picture by accusing the actress of cultural appropriation and advised her to think before uploading such pictures. One of the followers noted that covering the hair was not a fashion trend and it was important for people to realize that in some religions it is a form through which people pay value traditions. 


Blair posed with her son too who was also wearing a matching headscarf (Instagram)

"This is not brilliant and is not cool. White people have scorned Sikhs for hundreds of years, and now we wanna appropriate and make it trendy? No. Just no. We don't get to do this," one user noted. Another added, "Cultural Appropriation. How can one wear that when the religious people who actually wear it gets so much ridicule." Yet another tried to explain why it is offensive to categorize the head ware as a fashion statement.

The comment read, "This cultural accessory is very significant and precious to Sikh people. They even get bullied for it. Some are victims of racism and you're wearing this as a fashion statement because you're having a bad hair day? This is very very alarming and ignorant. Don't get me wrong. You have a great heart, my mother is struggling with a neurodegenerative disease and I feel for you. But this picture is beyond pathetic and it is disappointing. Another user echoed similar thoughts bringing to attention how many people are killed for wearing the head ware as the one Selma wore in the picture. 



"Hey — even though you probably didn’t mean it, this isn't okay. people are still subjugated to racism and violence because they wear turbans because of cultural/religious/traditional significance. Nordstrom just got called out on this last week. It's our job to pay attention to. Please please educate yourself and don’t just say it’s a joke. It’s not. People are killed because of this it’s not a light subject and to wave it off in that manner is a privilege. Listen to what people are saying," read the comment. 

However, there were many who came to defend the actress and noted how it wasn't offensive. "Love the  Story! My daughter has had alopecia since she was 13. She is now 40. She’ll wear whatever she wants to wear on her head. Cultural appropriation my ____" noted one user. Another added, "Love it. I look so classy let’s be supporting and be kind to all the women out there losing their hair. Hair is part of who we have woman, and losing it is like losing a part of ourselves !! Let’s support and admire does strong woman going through hardship some of them fighting for their life’s."


While another added, "I am sorry for all the negative comments... you should wear what is practical and what you want to feel good. And there is also one thing in the world called fashion (just remember all the great designers who use a turban as a Fashion statement). I think this is also very fashionable and stylish! Keep on going — cover your head however you want "

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