'Selling Sunset' Season 5: Davina struggles with work as clashes with clients continue

'Selling Sunset' Season 5: Davina struggles with work as clashes with clients continue
Davina Potratz is facing difficulties at work ( Instagram/ @davinapotratz)

Selling Sunset’ is back with a bang with the latest edition available to stream on Netflix from April 22. Season five is labeled as the “juiciest season” yet, and the cast has promised that the next installment of The Oppenheim Group drama will be full of gossip and chaos.

The new season on Netflix will see many fancy houses and dramatic fallouts. Despite the drama, everyone seems to be thriving in their real estate work except for Davina, who seems frustrated and stressed out due to her relative lack of success.


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In Episode 5, we see Davina along with Mary having a meeting with her client Amanda. According to Davina, Amanda is not an easy client to work with, and she has been avoiding her calls and texts. In the meeting, we see Amanda making it clear that she is working with other agents as she feels too much pressure from Davina. To Davina’s shock, Amanda says that she felt disrespected, which is why she didn’t respond to Davina’s text messages. They have disagreements regarding Amanda’s house, and even though Mary tries to play the mediator, nothing works out. The communication issues lead to Amanda making it clear that she doesn’t want to sell the exclusive rights to sell her house to Davina.



Later, in episode 6, we see Davina at a meeting with a real estate developer named Adnan. They had worked together on a property before, but unfortunately, no profit came out of it. Adnan makes it very clear that he was disappointed with Davina and even mocks her saying, “looks like the bigger ones are out of your league.” He asks her to focus on small properties and gives her a last chance. Davina accepts it but we do see her confidence falter after the insult.


Work seems to be slow for Davina this season and she herself states that she is mostly just hustling as much as possible. Also, the constant comparisons with other agents are adding to her frustration. Hopefully, things work out better for her in the coming episodes. Stay tuned to ‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix to find out what happens next.

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