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Self proclaimed 'time traveler' from 2671 predicts five events that will alter humankind forever

According to the time traveler, we will be visted by aliens after a meteor strikes the earth on December 8
(Representative Picture, Getty Images)
(Representative Picture, Getty Images)

Every day a new absurd theory or video over the internet is blurring the lines between sense and folly. A bizarre video, showing a self-proclaimed time traveler, predicted that humans will interact with aliens in the next few months. The time traveler from 2671 also warned people about a series of five implausible events he believes will happen in the coming six months will determine the fate of humanity, Ladbible reported.

The content creator, Eno Alaric posted a video in TikTok with a caption, "ATTENTION! Yes, I am a real time traveller from the year 2671, remember these five dates to come."


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According to the TikTok user, on December 8 aliens will crash into earth on a giant meteor. The meteor will contain new types of metals and will spark an invasion. This is but one prediction. He also predicted four other events.

On November 30, the James Webb Telescope will find "a new planet that is a mirror image of Earth". The next event will happen on February 6, 2023. According to him, "A group of four teenagers discover ancient ruins and a wormhole that links other galaxies." He goes on to say that an ancient species will most likely be found in the Mariana Trench in March 2023. The last and final one is a 750ft tall tsunami on the West Coast, particularly in San Francisco. With all the claims Alaric has issued, it's difficult to keep track. Additionally, he claimed a 3ft tall spider, 18ft tall bear and 1ft tall ant will be discovered in January 2023.

According to their first TikTok, they chose to come back because "dark times" lay ahead. "I hope that I will be able to change what the future has in hold for you all by warning what is to come," he said.

Many TikTok users responded to the self-proclaimed time traveler's claims by flooding his comment section with sarcastic remarks. One comment said, "If you are a time traveler when I am going to get a girlfriend". Another said, "Can you predict of when my dad will come back?" 

In case you need help in choosing between a bomb shelter or a space station as you head for safety, maybe Alaric will be able to help you decide. Hurry up, the aliens are a-coming!

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