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'Survivor' Season 41: Inside Cyber Security Analyst Eric Abraham's strategy to win

A long time fan of the show, Eric Abraham has a few tricks up his sleeve
Eric Abraham (Instagram/abraham_99_99)
Eric Abraham (Instagram/abraham_99_99)

Reality competitions are always high intensity. Be it cooking shows are talent contests, it's always a race against time where putting on your best performance can make or break your run on the show. And while these may be high-pressure situations, none of them compare to what goes down on 'Survivor'.

Back with Season 41, 18 new castaways find themselves in Fiji, ready to take on gruelling challenges that are sure to put their minds and body to the ultimate test. With Jeff Probst returning to host the show, this season promises game-changing twists. Are you looking to meet the new castaways? Continue reading!


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Who is Eric Abraham?

Eric Abraham is a 51-year-old Cyber Security Analyst from Atlanta, GA, who currently lives in San Antonio, TX. He describes himself as open-minded, optimistic and confident, and his pet peeves are people who have characteristics of being slothful, condescending, and sycophantic. Abraham enjoys basketball, golfing and reading. He also enjoys scuba diving and astronomy and spends time "examining the surface of the moon, stars or passing comets with my very own telescope." He is also big on fitness, as seen on his Instagram profile.

In his CBS bio, Abraham mentioned that his hero was his grandfather who was responsible for teaching him various life lessons. "I would watch him walk into a room and respect was given to him before he uttered a word. He showered his grandchildren with affection and love that can only be given from the heart." he said. "The lessons that he shared with me were instrumental in my development and made me into the man I am today. My grandfather passed during my third week of basic Air Force training, but he remains a constant figure in my life," he added.


Abraham's travel experience gives him an added edge

In a conversation with Parade, Abraham revealed that he was been a longtime fan of the show and his life experiences, in general, have prepared him to be a part of this season. "My history [watching 'Survivor'] dates back to when I originally was in Okinawa, Japan putting my first Survivor audition videotape together on a VHS. When Richard Hatch was the first winner." he explained. "Throughout the seasons, I've lived overseas, so I've also had an opportunity to be able to see and enjoy the different adventures and locations of Survivor. Up until right now; I'm on Survivor!" he added.


His game plan relies on effective communication and teamwork

With three tribes this season, Luvu, Ua, and Yase, Abraham is a part of the Yase tribe, along with contestants Xander Hastings, Evvie Jagoda, Tiffany Seely, David Voce and Liana Wallace. 
"My current game plan when I touch down is to personally get to know as much as I can about my team. What are they like? What are some of the things they would do at home?" he stated. "In a challenge, I don't want to be screaming at them when that's something that's gonna make them shrink. I want to get to know 'em, get to learn 'em. Get some information about them." he added. And, when it comes to his own playing style, he's looking to take inspiration from 3 former champions. "I would construct a hybrid playing style of Richard Hatch and Wendell Holland with a touch of Boston Rob." he said. Hatch was the first-ever winner of the show, Holland won Season 36, while Boston Rob, whose real name is Robert Carlo Mariano won Season 22. 


Abraham's drive is his key to winning the show

While all the contestants start out in hopes of winning, Abraham believes that his determination sets him apart. "I was taught to always dream big and shoot higher than you know you can do." he said. "Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors, try to be better than yourself. The game is not only my motivation, it's my tool to show myself that I can be the sole Survivor." he explained. 


Catch the premiere of 'Survivor' Season 41 on September 22 at 8/7c on CBS, the CBS app and Paramount+.