What is Sean Strickland's net worth? MMA star once compared fighters to prostitutes

American MMA boxer Sean Strickland lives a low-key personal life, raising many questions but leaving few answers

                            What is Sean Strickland's net worth? MMA star once compared fighters to prostitutes
MMA boxer Sean Strickland (@strickland_mma/Instagram)

UFC Fight Night on May 2 will see American MMA middleweight champion Sean Strickland take on Polish fighter Krzysztof Jotko. Naturally, the fight has drawn considerable interest in the two fighters, especially Strickland. The former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion has a lot riding on the fight, given that he previously beat Jotko in their bout in May. Can he do it again? Fans will be hoping so.

Here at MEAWW, we love to cover the personal lives of top athletes and celebrities, and boxing is no different. In June 2021, we reported on the split between Adrien Broner and Arie Nicole, after Broner's sex tape was leaked. Ahead of UFC 266, we also told you about the love life of Nick Diaz, born from the tragic suicide of his first girlfriend. We also told you about TJ Dillashaw's media expert wife Rebecca


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So naturally, ahead of his bout against Jotko, we wanted to put the spotlight on Strickland. It's not been easy, given his low-profile private life. He is active on Instagram, but beyond that, not a lot is known about the MMA champion, who has chosen to keep away from the media spotlight. If you are wondering who he is dating, where he lives, and what he's worth, we've managed to scour the depths of the internet and find all that information, and more. 


What is Sean Strickland's net worth?

Normally, MMA boxers make millions from their bouts. There's salary, payouts, bonuses and cut from tickets/streaming rights that they can get. We've been able to uncover that information about other boxers, but Strickland's earnings aren't as well known. Players Wiki reported his career earnings to be at around $289,000 in 2018. He was paid $16,000 for his debut match against Bubba McDaniel, and $20,000 for UFC Fight Night 41. 

His win over Igor Araújo at UFC Fight Night 71 netted him $34,000, and he managed to get $69,000 after defeating Tom Breese at the UFC 199. Since then, he's gone on to face bigger names like Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos, Court McGee and Brendan Allen. Even though he's won some and lost some, it's likely he's been able to walk away with a bigger paycheck each time. We don't know what his net worth is, but it is reportedly above $1 million. It's a figure he doesn't appear to be happy with though, as he once compared the UFC's pay to the NBA and said, "When you get picked up in a limo and they rub your head and they make you feel like you’re a superstar. Meanwhile, on paper you’re kinda getting f***ed."

Just like his net worth, Strickland's relationship status is a bit of a mystery. Players Wiki reported he has a girlfriend named Holly, but we haven't been able to confirm that. There's one photo on Instagram with a Holly, but it's unclear if the two are dating. From her Instagram profile, we assume Holly is a professional trainer of sorts. Strickland's Instagram is filled with professional photos, but only a few personal ones. There are photos of his friends, his dogs and even his mom, but no girlfriend in sight. From one photo, we know he married his brother Lawrence to Kelsi in 2017. But as for his own love life, there's no indication of a special lady. 


Beyond that, Strickland has chosen to keep his personal life well out of the spotlight. We couldn't find any information about where he lives either. That's not the case with his professional life though. In a July 2021 interview, Strickland made waves for comparing MMA to prostitution. "There is not much difference between MMA and pornography. You’re appealing to the basic impulses of human beings who watch it and like it and a part of them gets off to it. But there’s nothing wrong with that. I love f***ing porn and I love fighting," he told Low Kick MMA.

In that same interview, Strickland took a dig at his fellow boxers. "I don’t like when these a******s run around in suits and they make themselves seem like they are curing f***ing cancer. You’re locking yourself in a cage and getting punched in the f***ing face. You’re a dog. I’m a dog. Stop pretending to be something more than what you are," he said. Strickland added, "You’re a piece of meat used for entertainment. It’s one of those weird things to accept but it’s kinda the reality of it."