UFC 266: Who is Nick Diaz dating? How tragedy led to an iconic career

Diaz will step into the ring for the first time since 2015 in a bout against Robbie Lawler

                            UFC 266: Who is Nick Diaz dating? How tragedy led to an iconic career
Nick Diaz leaves the arena after losing to Anderson Silva during UFC 183 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on January 31, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

Nick Diaz is all set to return to boxing. On July 13, Diaz has signed an agreement to face Robbie Lawler at UFC 266 on September 25 in Las Vegas. The last time Diaz was in the ring, was way back in 2015 before he was suspended for failing a drug test. This time, not only will he be without match practice, but also without his longtime girlfriend. 

Boxing and girlfriends have become a hot topic of late, following the arrest of Puerto Rican star Felix Verdejo. The boxing star was reportedly in a relationship with Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz and implicated in her murder. In June, boxer Adrien Broner split with his girlfriend Arie Nicole following the release of his sex tape with another woman. In May, we also reported on how Floyd Mayweather expelled his girlfriend Anna Monroe from his LA mansion, so he could prepare for the highly publicized fight against Logan Paul.


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So what about Nick Diaz? If you were wondering about his relationship status, it appears as if he is single for now. Here's everything we know about his relationship status, and his former flame. 


Who is Nick Diaz dating?

At the moment, the boxer appears to be single following his low-key split from Heather Nikole. We do know that Nikole and Diaz were together from as far back as 2015. The duo reportedly went on numerous vacations together, and she was spotted in several of Diaz's social media posts. Unfortunately, there's not much we know about Nikole since she doesn't appear to have a public Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. The only indication of her presence was from Diaz's social media posts.

It's unclear why or when they split up, but it might be due to Diaz's domestic battery charge in 2018. According to Celebrity Mirror, Diaz was charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation, as well as misdemeanor domestic battery. We know the incident occurred in Las Vegas, but the name of the victim was never confirmed. He was later released on an $18,000 bail. It is unclear if the woman is Nikole, as media reports indicate Diaz did not know the individual. According to MMA Junkie, Diaz said he was innocent and claimed the woman was “obviously harassing me” and that he’d never given her the address to the house he was at. Eventually, the charges were dropped. 

Nick Diaz has shared numerous photos with other girls since his split with Heather Nikole. (@nickdiaz209/Instagram)

Around 2018, Celebrity Mirror reported Diaz deleted all the posts of Nikole from his Instagram account. Since then, he has shared numerous snaps with other girls, but it doesn't appear as if he is dating any of them. Judging by his rather active social media profiles, it appears Diaz is single for now. It's unclear where Nikole is now, but it doesn't appear to be by Diaz's side. It wouldn't be the first time Diaz will enter the ring single, in fact, he has a past relationship to thank for even making a career out of boxing.

In 2015, Diaz opened up about his first girlfriend and how she set him on his career. He told MMA Boxing that he dated Stephanie in high school, but she tragically died by suicide. "I would run seven miles and back to her grave just to promise her I would make it as a fighter like she knew and had told me she knew and was proud of me," he said.