'SEAL Team' Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Jason's memory worsens, Ray admits he has PTSD

While Ray opens up to the team, Jason is battling his own demons which nearly jeopardized their mission

                            'SEAL Team' Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Jason's memory worsens, Ray admits he has PTSD
David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in 'SEAL Team' (Photo: Ron Jaffe/ CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Spoilers for 'SEAL Team' Season 5 Episode 2' Trust, But Verify: Part 2'

With Bravo still reeling in from the events of Season 4 on 'SEAL Team', it seems as though they are caught in a life and death situation. First, Bravo found themselves in North Korea with their downtime time cut short when they were sent on a covert mission to save a defector Jin (Keong Sim), the hermit kingdom's weapons expert. Aided by Kwan Jon-wi (MJ Kang), a woman who has been helping defectors all her life, what was supposed to be a simple mission takes a turn for the worst. 

With the team cornered and North Korean soldiers swiftly approaching, will Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) be able to lead the team without any casualties? With Ray's (Neil Brown Jr) PTSD and his memory failing him, this episode sees Jason confront the truth. Is he fit to lead Bravo?


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While Bravo is able to make it back to base without being caught, Kwan isn't as lucky, seeing that the center receives a North Korea report stating that she is a spy. With their mission compromised, Bravo is running out of options and time. With a few hours until daybreak, they are now sitting ducks and have to wait for another 16 hours before making their move and getting on the submarine, ready to bring them back home.

Seeing that they are stuck, Episode 2 works to redeem Ray in a sense, as he begins to put together a plan to help Jin as they decide to carry on the mission. However, since Jin takes a walk only every other night, they are left with no option but to infiltrate his housing area, while Sonny (AJ Buckley) creates a distraction. Ray and Sonny get confrontational before the mission, as Sonny still believes that Ray is not only the weakest link, but Jason trusts him far too much.

Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry and Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser 'SEAL TEAM' (Photo: Ron Jaffe/ CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

Put on overwatch duty; Ray is now the team's eye in the sky. During the mission, he also saves Sonny from nearly being captured. With Jin in tow and information about his work, Bravo begins their escape from North Korea. But, with North Korea upping its mobilization level, the submarine waiting for them now will have to leave within a few hours, with or without Bravo. However, despite the hindrances, the team makes it across, with a weak Jin and crossing a minefield.

Bravo barely manages to make it through in time. However, the mission is a success as they escape North Korea unscathed. Clay later confronts Jason about his health, seeing that his memory loss nearly jeopardized this mission, while Ray admits to the team that he has PTSD. While Ray works on his issues, Jason's gets progressively worse. So what do you think, is Jason still fit to lead Bravo? Sound off below. 

'SEAL Team' Season 5 airs Sunday nights at 10 pm ET on CBS.

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