SDCC 2019: 'Veronica Mars' star Jason Dohring talks about '007' ocean walk-up scene as Kristen Bell takes questions from Marshmallows

SDCC 2019: 'Veronica Mars' star Jason Dohring talks about '007' ocean walk-up scene as Kristen Bell takes questions from Marshmallows

The cast and creators of 'Veronica Mars' were at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2019 for a panel and it was exciting to say the least. Kristen Bell, the actor who plays the titular role in the show surprised everyone by asking Hulu for a gift, to release the season 4 right away. So, fans of the show - Marshmallows - were gifted with the show going live a week before intended. Not just this, the cast also revealed some interesting details about the show and their characters. For instance, Jason Dohring who plays the role of Logan Echolls spoke about working on the reboot. 

Especially about the '007' ocean walk-up scene, he said, "Rob always seems to write this in." He also quipped, "I’m gonna give those swim shorts to Percy Daggs III signed for charity." Daggs portrays the role of Wallace Fennel in the show.  Speaking to ET at Comic-Con, Daggs said about playing Wallace, Veronica's best friend: "Seeing her on set. You know, [you see] everybody at the trailers...but when I got back on set, and Wallace was standing in front of Veronica, it was like, oh yeah, this is comfortable."


Kristen Bell surprised everyone by asking Hulu to release the season 4 right away. (IMDb)

Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who is a new introduction to the series, said, "It felt like going to meet your boyfriend's parents...I have a warm welcome in person and everyone opened me with open arms." Howell-Baptiste and Bell have previously worked on 'The Good Place' and 'House of Lies', which is why she made the reference about visiting one's boyfriend's family! 

Creator Rob Thomas then spoke about bringing Bell and actor Enrico Colantani together for the show and writing their scenes. He said, "Having rebuilt the Mars Investigations office to look exactly like it had and to watch @IMKristenBell and @ricocolantoni perform “that” scene is the happiest I’ve been the whole year."


Actor Francis Capra who returned to play the role of  Eli "Weevil" Navarro spoke about this character being secretly in love with Veronica and he said, "Absolutely Weevil's in love with this woman! Do you realize how many times this woman has bailed him out of jail?!"

Bell also got a question from a Marshmallow - "Between Duncan, Leo and Piz who would you f**k, marry or kill?" To this, she responded, "F**k Leo, Marry Piz, Kill Duncan."

So there you have it, Marshmallows. 

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