'Scrubs' actor Sam Llyod dies of brain tumor at 56, devastated fans pour in their love

'Scrubs' actor Sam Llyod dies of brain tumor at 56, devastated fans pour in their love
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Sam Lloyd, best known for his role as Ted Buckland in the highly acclaimed NBC sitcom 'Scrubs', has died. He was 56.

Lloyd was a veteran character actor with a three-decade-old career and over 60 credits to his name. In January 2019, he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and cancer which unfortunately spread to his liver, spine, lungs and jaw. Even more heartwrenching is he was diagnosed only weeks after his wife, Vanessa, had given birth to their first child. His agent confirmed his death to Variety and co-star Robert Maschio also reported the sad news on social media. "Simpler times, happier days, the kindest man I ever met. Easy going Sam, Rest In Peace. #RIPSamLloyd," tweeted Maschio, with a picture of the duo.

Fans poured their love for the star.

"Scrubs is my and my two closest friends' favorite tv show. When we were broke post college, pre-recession kids relying on whoever was employed to buy food/beer and we didn’t have cable - Scrubs was on the dvd player for 12 straight months. Rest in Peace Sam. #SCRUBS #samlloyd," tweeted a fan.

Initially a stage actor, his debut roles as two different characters, on two different episodes, on 'Night Court' had gotten him his big break. He further had a regular role on the sitcom 'City' but in 1993 his role on the fifth season of 'Seinfield' as Ricky got him the exposure. In the course of his 30-year career, Lloyd continued to make his name with roles in many productions such as 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Modern Family,' 'The West Wing,' 'Cougar Town,' 'Malcolm in the Middle,' 'Shameless' and movies such as 'Flubber' and 'Galaxy Quest'.

His most highly acclaimed and recognized role was on 'Scrubs' and he shared a friendship with 'Scrubs' creator Bill Lawrence.

"Thinking a lot about Sam Lloyd today. (Ted). Truly such a kind, sweet guy. He will be missed by so many," tweeted Lawrence with a throwback picture. While Lloyd had auditioned for a role in 'Spin City', he wasn't initially able to join the series but did get a guest-starring part in the first episode of another project ('Scrubs') Lawrence was working on - Lloyd then ended becoming a series regular on 'Scrubs.'

"This f****** sucks. Always brought a smile to my face when I saw him pop up in anything. His delivery of lines ESPECIALLY in Scrubs was effortless and his comic timing was impeccable. First time I properly had to pause a show from laughing was his line. RIP Sam Lloyd," tweeted another fan. After his excellent portrayal as the lawyer of the show’s Sacred Heart hospital, Llyod last role was in 2019 on ABC’s 'American Housewife.'

"RIP Sam Lloyd. No character in TV is as consistently funny to me as Ted from scrubs," tweeted another fan.

Llyod was also an exceptional musician and was part of a cappella group called 'The Blanks' which to everyone's delight had made more than one appearance on 'Scrubs' under the name 'The Worthless Peons.' He also played the bass guitar in 'The Butties', which is a tribute band for the Beatles, and was also in the process of directing 'With Pam and Gil,' a country-rock musical that took a back seat after he was diagnosed. "There’s a rainbow in my town rn.. I’d like to think it’s for Sam Lloyd.. been blasting The Blanks for hours," tweeted a fan.

"Sam Lloyd - god rest his soul. Do yourselves a favour and listen to Hey Ya by The Blanks, one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard," tweeted another fan.

While it was reported that Lloyd was responding to treatment, in March, the GoFundMe page organized by Tim Hobert, 'Scrubs' producer had reported that Lloyd's health had take a worse turn. He passed away earlier today at the age of 56.


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