Scott Quiner: Judge BANS hospital from turning off ventilator for unvaxxed Covid patient

Scott Quiner: Judge BANS hospital from turning off ventilator for unvaxxed Covid patient
Scott Quiner (GW Transportation, Photo by Go Nakamura/Getty Images)

A Minnesota hospital has been prohibited from turning off the ventilator for an unvaxxed Covid patient, who has been under life support for the last few months. Scott Quiner, 55, was being treated by doctors at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota since October 2021, when he first contracted Covid-19. However, his condition did not improve throughout the prolonged treatment and he was diagnosed "most undernourished" patient ever seen by doctors at the facility. The hospital's decision to remove Quiner from life support was legally contested by his family and now Quiner has been moved to another hospital in Texas. 

"Scott is now in a hospital in Texas getting critical care. The doctor said Scott was the most undernourished patient he has ever seen. The last update I got was yesterday afternoon after some tests had been run; all organs are working except his lungs," Quiner's family attorney Marjorie Holsten shared. Mercy Hospital's parent company Allison Health also issued a statement about Quiner, expressing their gratitude to the family for finding him another healthcare facility. "We continue to wish them all the best," they stated. 


Scott Quiner, an anti-vaxxer by choice, contracted Covid-19 back in October 2021. His condition worsened over time and he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital on November 6, 2021. However, he showed little improvement since then as his lungs stopped functioning with time and he was surviving on life support. 

Around a week ago, Mercy Hospital announced its decision to take Quiner off life support, inviting an outrage from his wife and family. His wife Anne Quiner filed a legal case against the hospital, seeking an emergency restraining order to stop them from pulling the plug. She begged for her husband's life to the judge saying that without their help, "my husband will die."

Anoka County Judge Jennifer Stanfield eventually ruled in Anne Quiner's favor, legally banning Mercy Hospital from pulling Scott Quiner's plug. Later, the family decided to get him transferred to another facility in Texas. Fascinatingly enough, Scott's condition has begun to improve at the Texas hospital as he is being provided with supplementary nutrients while still on life support. 

Reflecting on the situation, family attorney Holsten said, "I think the world is watching what is going on with Scott. And as he gets better and better, we are going to see that you know what, there are protocols that should be used that hospitals have not been using."

In a GoFundMe, Anne Quiner started fundraising for her husband's treatment. So far, $30,150 dollars have been raised surpassing its goal of $25,000. The fundraiser description reads, "On Tuesday, October 30th, Scott Quiner was tested positive for Covid19. He was admitted to Waconia Hospital with critically low oxygen levels. After requiring deep sedation his oxygen levels were not improving, Scott was then put on a ventilator. Waconia Hospital transferred Scott to Mercy ICU Hospital on November 6th. Mercy had the required medical attention that he would need for the ventilator. He is currently at Mercy Hospital with a tracheostomy that is connected to a ventilator. Due to Scott's medical conditions, and unforeseen recovery. Any donation would help take the financial stress off the family. Thank you for your continued outpouring of love, prayers and support during this difficult time."

It is believed that the family could arrange an alternate health facility for Scott Quiner with the help of donations. 

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