'Showing your obvious bias': Outrage as CNN reporter refers to Prince William and Kate Middleton as ‘other two royals’

'Showing your obvious bias': Outrage as CNN reporter refers to Prince William and Kate Middleton as ‘other two royals’
CNN reporter Scott McLean said, 'You can see Harry get out first and then you saw Meghan and then the other two royals as well' (Scott McLean/Instagram and Screenshot from The Guardian video)

WINDSOR, ENGLAND: CNN found itself at the receiving end of public outrage after calling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by name and referring to Prince William and Kate Middleton as the "other two royals" on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

CNN’s international correspondent Scott McLean sparked controversy while reporting on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and newly appointed Prince and Princess of Wales’ walkabout at Windsor Castle on Saturday. The two couples, dressed in mourning black, were seen visiting the gates of Windsor Castle to view thousands of floral tributes left by well-wishers of the royal family in honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II.


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The London-based correspondent, described the two couples getting out of the car as, "You can see Harry get out first and then you saw Meghan and then the other two royals as well." However, Mclean’s reporting did not go down well with the British audience as they took offense to what they heard and bashed the American news channel for disrespecting the royal family and the new Prince and Princess of Wales.


Pointing out the gaffe made by Mclean, one user wrote, "The other two royals” - showing your obvious bias there, @CNN @cnni What happened to unbiased journalism? Shocking."

Another called it disrespectful and wrote, “CNN’s agenda has been obvious for months. They’re in the tank for Harry and Meghan. Pathetic. The “other two royals” are the future king and queen!”

While taking a dig at CNN, a third user wrote, “If you/your reporters can’t report royal news respectfully then just don’t bother, its not an episode of KUWTK, this was TRH The Prince and Princess of Wales, future King and Queen Consort of Great Britain during a period of national mourning, not the Harry and Meghan Show."




However, not all comments were against the reporter as some praised him for what he did. “America knows who the real Prince and Princess are. #HarryandMeghan,” one user wrote while praising McLean. Another pointed out that McLean likely had no idea he'd intended to or even caused any offense. "American media are so unserious," they remarked. "He wasn't even trying to be petty. As far as he's concerned, he's done nothing wrong."



This was the first time when the Prince and Princess of Wales and Duke and Duchess of Sussex were seen making a public appearance together since Harry and Meghan left their royal duties and moved to the United States. The reunion came after King Charles II asked his warring sons to keep aside their feud and work together ahead of the Queen’s funeral.

Screenshot from Entertainment Tonight
(Screenshot from Entertainment Tonight video)

Prince Williams has already taken his father’s advice seriously and is making effort to melt down the ice between the two couples. A Kensington Palace source stated that the Prince of Wales invited the Sussexes to join him and the Princess of Wales. The Sussexes' friend and preferred journalist Omid Scobie later claimed on Twitter that the invitation was made at the "11th hour".

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