'Scissor Seven': Season 3 ends on a dark note as Shadow Killers attack Seven and Thirteen

In the quest to find out who he is, Seven's life is now on the line.

                            'Scissor Seven': Season 3 ends on a dark note as Shadow Killers attack Seven and Thirteen
Seven (Ronny Chieng) as seen in 'Scissor Seven' (YouTube/ Netflix Anime)

For all you 'Scissor Seven' fans, Season 3 is finally here! This season sees Seven try to unlock his own memories to discover who he truly is. Season 3 of 'Scissor Seven' picks up right where Season 2 left off -- with  Qing Feng killing Redtooth and making it look like Seven (Ronny Chieng) had done so. Word spreads to Xuanwu, and there is now a massive bounty on Seven's head, which means that Chicken Island is running with assassins all trying to capture and end him.

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Realising his friends are not safe with him around, Seven leaves for Xuanwu, determined to find out who he is. While he sets out alone, Da Bao and Xiao Fei catch up with him, with Da Bao recounting a story about how Sev put his life on the line once for him and they wouldn't let him face threats alone. In classic Sev and Da Bao fashion, the trio gets caught up in a range of antics and fight new rivals -- from ending the reign of the Handsome King who turned everyone ugly with his mirror to taking on Coach Chen, as always, they depart as friends. While continuously getting lost on the way, they reach Superpower country, where they duke it out with a super-powered child named Pingan. One horrible haircut later, Pingan has them meet his friends, Yongkang and Char Siu, who also have superpowers.

They eventually met cheap stake Hua too, who as always, is escaping responsibilities and living his carefree life. He tells Seven that he has a tunnel that will get him to Xuanwu instantly. But these plans are crashed when Stan Prince (Crispin Freeman) shows up, with Cola (Ashley Liao) in tow. Cola, who is half stan and belongs to Superpower country, wanted to know where she came from and effectively used her power on Stern Prince to get her there. Peace and his gang immediately attack Stan Prince, as Stan country has a long history of experimenting on their people. A fight breaks out Cola is gravely injured. With the fact that she has cancer, healing her seems close to impossible. The only way is to get an anecdote for Shennong country, and Stan Prince agrees to go, without being asked.


However, everyone fears he'll be unsuccessful, as he is not forthcoming and neither are the people of Shennong. Meanwhile, Hua suggests that Seven should go to Xuanwu via his tunnel, as he too has medication to save Cola's life. Seven agrees and, on reaching Xuanwu, encounters a young man named Quyang Zan. After helping him get out of a fight, Quyang Zan helps them find Hua's home.

It turns out that Hua is the Master of the Flying Dragon Clan and Da Bao and Seven get up to a bunch of hilarious scenarios trying to break into his house. Finally, they get the medicine, only to be fought off by Hua's guards. Quyang Zan comes to their aid, but later, in his mind, he acknowledges that Seven is possibly then the same man who killed his Master, even though the version standing in front of him was not the assassin he remembers. It's here that Seven tricks Da Bao into returning back, as staying with him is not safe. 

As a part of his quest, Seven shows up at the Hawk statue, hoping to encounter Qing Feng. He meets Thirteen (Jennie Kwan) instead, who on Qing Feng's orders, stabs Seven with an ancient black ice dagger absorbed by his body. Seeing that Seven is still at larger, they are soon attacked by one of the Seven Shadow Assasins -- The Eyeless Mage. Seven, who is slowly going into berserk mode, manages to protect Thirteen, much to The Eyeless Mage's surprise. However, ancient black ice is known to corrupt souls, and it begins to take over Seven, wiping out his memories. 

Thirteen takes it upon herself to protect him despite his instance, which makes Seven happy as he continues to flirt, despite the pain. However, this moment only lasts for so long, as they soon face off against three more of the Seven Shadow Assasins -- Shimen, Manjusaka and Black Bird. Manjusaka tells Thirteen how Seven fought against the organisation for a woman and hence, Manjusaka killed her. If she couldn't have him, no one else could. Seven can no longer fight the ancient black ice and passes out. Thirteen, determined to protect him, takes on Black Bird, a ruthless killer who later reveals that he was a member of Flying Bird Sect.

Although she is no match for him, Thirteen is driven by her will to protect Seven. Black Bird reveals his true form, sucking Thirteen into a void. Seven, who wishes to protect her, also wakes up but is still in no state to fight. However, he lends her the power of the thousand demon daggers, allowing her to land a fatal blow. Season 3 ends with Seven trying his hardest to fight the power of the ancient black ice that is currently forcing back his old memories and wiping out his new ones.

For him, protecting his new memories are important, as he wants to back to Chicken Island and lead an everyday life like he once did. Season 3 sets up many plot lines for Season 4 -- Qyang Zan visits his Master's grave and talks about Seven, Eleven, who is Thirteen sister and He Dachun makes their way to her home, Plum Blossom Villa. There is more to come with the sisters' storyline, as they might confront their father. And finally, Redtooth is seen regaining his strength, although he was thought to be dead. What do you think? Will Seven finally learn the truth about his past? Will he be able to come to terms with his sins and return to his life on Chicken Island? Sound off below!

Season 3 of 'Scissor Seven' is now streaming on Netflix. Season 1 and 2 are also available on Netflix.

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