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School warns mom about 'strange man' picking up her daughter. Turns out it was just her without a wig

In a TikTok video, the mom explains how scared she was when she thought her daughter was in danger and the hilarious twist that put everyone's mind at ease.
Image Source: TikTok/heyshantaq
Image Source: TikTok/heyshantaq

Stranger danger is something kids are taught in school to make sure they do not follow a potential kidnapper into a white van offering them free candy. There is nothing more worrying than the danger of your child not making it back home after school. With more than 460,000 children going missing every year, it was not at all surprising that a mom on TikTok felt her heart sinking when she got a call from her daughter's school informing her that a stranger came to pick her up. She shared her shocking experience on TikTok but her story had a hilarious twist that put everyone's mind at ease.

Source: TikTok/heyshantaq

In the video posted on TikTok, the woman named Shanta started off the video on a serious note and a deep sigh. She explained about the call she got from the school authorities, letting her know that her daughter had been leaving the school with a strange man every day. But this man was not her dad. "I was trembling. My heart was beating outside of my chest," she said in the video. "I’ve always made it a point to tell the school that if my daughter leaves with someone outside of ourselves, that they need to contact us immediately."

Source: TikTok/heyshantaq

She asked the school authority if they could describe this man to her. “He was tall, stubby, looked like he was out of shape, his hair was fragile, he had a light mustache,” she recalled the school telling her. She then wanted to see this man for herself and asked the school to send her a picture of him. "I asked them did they have any proof. They sent over a photo. My heart started beating. I started whimpering. I was shocked." Shanta took one look at the picture and knew who the "perp" was. "It was ME without my wig! It was ME y’all!" she exclaimed in the video.

Needless to say, we all breathed a sigh of relief with Shanta as she revealed the biggest plot twist we could hope for. The brilliant storytelling and the light-hearted ending to what could have become a sinister story resulted in the video going viral. It got over 1.3 million likes and has been watched more than four million times. The comments were filled with people who went from being super concerned to cracking up after the realization. “I went from concerned to dead in 10 seconds,” one TikTok user commented. “The way my hand clapped over my mouth I’m dead,” another person wrote. “I was ready to send out an Amber Alert,” another user said.

But everyone was glad to hear that Shanta's daughter was safe. Some people felt bad that she was described that way and one person even told her to sue the school for "defamation of character."


Shanta is a businesswoman as well as an author, purpose strategist, certified life coach, patient advocate, certified herbalist & nutritionist, and transformational speaker. She has won several awards and accolades including the 2019 CEO Mom Dallas Power 15 Honoree, 2019 Mona’s Heart Servant Heart Award, and Her Headquarters Winner Pitch Contest. She can also add viral TikTok to her long list of achievements.