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Internet comes to rescue of elementary school teacher slammed by parents for wearing 'tight' clothes

'Showing pictures in the class with your butt in the air is very inappropriate!' a parent commented
UPDATED AUG 27, 2022
The teacher takes art for little kids at the school (toyboxdollz/Instagram)
The teacher takes art for little kids at the school (toyboxdollz/Instagram)

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY: An elementary school teacher has been criticized for wearing tight clothing while teaching with some angry parents describing her as "desperate" and "attention-seeking."

The teacher from New Jersey, frequently shares pictures of herself in tight outfits, often taken inside the classroom. The teacher has not revealed her name but she posts under the handle ToyboxDollz on Instagram and has 870,000 followers.


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In some pictures, the teacher can be seen flaunting her figure up against a whiteboard. In other pictures, some of her students can be seen inside the classroom, although their faces are unrecognisable.


However, some parents on social media called her out for her outfit choices, saying she should not be wearing such outfits around minors. One user wrote, "You’re in a classroom taking Instagram pictures with your a** out.” Another wrote, "Showing pictures in the class with your butt in the air is very inappropriate!"

A third chimed in, "That just looks crazy and makes you desperate for likes." A fourth commented, "I just don't understand why u need to wear skin tight clothing on top of unrealistic body parts ON TOP of photo editing for a picture that has kids in it. Idk kinda weird to me but hey."

Meanwhile, the teacher shared a 14-minute video on Instagram defending herself. She said, "I have seen some men said some crazy, mean stuff, but I teach babies and there are no haters in the classroom thinking of that. I’m a really, really good teacher. I had students emailing me during the summer asking me for homework. They love art. I love teaching art. I love working with children to create art."


Some people supported her and went as far as applauding her fashion sense. A user wrote, "With everything going on in the world today, people are worried about how a teacher looks and what she wears. Some people need a LIFE!" A second added, "You have always been a great person with a wonderful heart!! Don’t allow any negativity to affect any of the positive things you have going on. Wishing you all the best and many blessings."

Furthermore, popular rapper Fat Joe also supported the teacher. Sharing a video on YouTube, the rapper, whose real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, slammed critics who are trying to get the educator "fired" from her job. He said, "They’re trying to fire her because she too sexy. She too beautiful. She’s too curvaceous."


The rapper continued, "I say let the woman be great. Can you fire somebody for their looks? Can you fire a teacher that’s ugly? How can you fire a teacher because she bad?”