'Say Yes To The Dress': What are the rules that brides have to follow on the show?

The latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' will premiere on July 17

                            'Say Yes To The Dress': What are the rules that brides have to follow on the show?
Brides who appear on 'Say Yes To The Dress' have to agree to follow several rules before appearing on the show ([email protected]_tlc)

Before saying yes to the dress, a lot of brides have to hear no, from the team at 'Say Yes To The Dress'. Considering the show gets thousands of applications, it's not surprising that the producers need to make sure that the brides who make the cut, are willing to follow certain rules. 

While some rules seem sensible others can seem a bit harsh especially if the wedding doesn't go to plan. So what are some of the rules other than the obvious ones like sending in an application form that the participants are expected to follow? Here are some of the more interesting ones below. If you're a fan of the Randy Fenoli hosted show, you will also enjoy shows like 'Bridezilla' and 'Say I Do'. 


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1. The show is only interested in actual brides

This may sound like a no-brainer but considering how many people are interested in their fifteen minutes of fame on reality TV, all participants have to disclose if they have been a part of any reality show in the past. In a post-pandemic world, healthcare workers who have been having too much of a dose of reality seem to be the perfect candidates for 'Say Yes To The Dress'. 



2. All brides have to shoot at Kleinfeld

All brides have to be willing to shoot at Kleinfeld boutique in New York City. This isn't exactly a big ask, considering being at Kleinfeld is akin to what being a kid in a candy store is like for brides to be.




3. They have to film on a weekday

It's little surprise that the appointment book at Kleinfeld is booked solid, which is why brides to be who appear on the show must be prepared to shoot on a weekday with the team at Kleinfeld so that there are more consultants on hand to help with the shoot. And no a bride-to-be cannot choose her own consultant. The show tapes during the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.



4. The brides have to be prepared to shoot for up to ten hours 

A normal bridal fitting may take about one to two hours but with a camera crew in tow and many takes and retakes the brides on 'Say Yes To The Dress' have to be prepared to shoot for up to ten hours straight. This is so the producers can also get good footage of the fitting and conduct whatever interviews are needed. This can give the brides good practice though for the marathon that is organizing a wedding and all the standing and smiling that goes with it.



5. They can't bring food and beverage to the store

Stunning extremely white dresses and beverages and snacks that can spill are not a match made in heaven. So this makes perfect sense to us. What do the brides do while they're shooting for those ten hours we're not quite sure though. Not exactly the wedding diet they would have planned we're guessing. 



6. The guests of the bride have to be approved by the producers 

This is after all a show that's not just about the dress but also about the drama around the dress. Who better to provide it than the bride's nearest dearest and preferably not dullest. All guests of the bride are vetted by the producer to make sure that they contribute to the entertainment factor of the show. 



7. Brides have to pay for the dress

Any brides who are hoping to get on the show and get their wedding dress for free, better find a new venue to shop. All brides on the show have to pay for their wedding dress and since the average dress at Kleinfeld is about $4500, these brides better having their savings ready to say yes to the dress of their dreams. Yes, and there are no discounts just because you appear on the show. 




8. They must agree to cameras in the dressing room

Privacy may become a thing of the past at least while the bride-to-be is shooting for 'Say Yes To The Dress' as one of the rules the bride has to be open is a camera in the dressing room. A female producer normally accompanies the bride in the dressing room.



9. Brides don't get to talk to Randy Fenoli before filming

Randy Fenoli may seem like everyone's best friend on the show, but let's face it the man has a business to run and all those fabulous dresses to design that he can't do if he's constantly chatting we suppose. But that's not the main reason. Fenoli feels if he chats too much beforehand, his reactions will not be as genuine with the bride and her family.  It's a pity though because there's so much you could chat to him about and so much fashion advice to glean for a girl's big day. But hey we guess that's what the show is for. 




10. They have no say over the air date of their episode 

This rule can be a harsh one to agree to only because the show airs even if the marriage doesn't take off. Even if for any reason the wedding is canceled the show will still air. We can think of nothing which is worse than watching you at your most loved up after the dream has come to an end. In 2016 one bride even sought an injunction to keep her episode from airing before her May wedding but she lost. 




To find out if the brides on this season are going to be able to follow the rules, you can catch the latest season of 'Say Yes To The Dress' on July 17 on TLC. 

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