Top 5 'Bridezillas' moments that make every wedding nightmare come alive, from runaway grooms to monsters-in-law

No one would blame a bride for getting upset or stressing out, but 'bridezillas' exceed the acceptable amount of anger and turn everything into a tatrurm

                            Top 5 'Bridezillas' moments that make every wedding nightmare come alive, from runaway grooms to monsters-in-law
'Bridezillas' (WeTv)

Writer Diane White first used the term "bridezilla" in 1995 in an article about tacky brides who make ridiculous requests for their wedding party. The term caught fire in 2004 when We TV debuted 'Bridezillas' – a snarkily narrated reality TV show showcasing the antics and demands of unhinged brides across the US.

Weddings can be really stressful, especially for a bride. Although no one would blame them for getting a little upset, some exceed the acceptable amount of anger and turn into total bridezillas. Nothing can turn a beautiful day like a wedding into a complete horror show quite like a bridezilla. Here’s a list of top five controversial incidents on ‘Bridezillas’ that made viewers cringe.

The Runaway Groom


Our hearts broke when Carrie Bradshaw was stood up at the altar by Big from ‘Sex and the city’ the movie (2008), but Season 4’s Anita Maxwell is no Carrie Bradshaw. Anita became the first Bride in ‘Bridezillas’ history to be actually getting left at the altar! When her ten-year younger fiance, Dion, was nowhere to be found on the wedding day, she launched into a rant—accusing him of stealing her money, car and cell phone. But this is not the shocking part. The day after the unsuccessful wedding Dion came and apologized to Anita and she was quick to forgive him. The duo eloped to Las Vegas and got married the very same day. 

The unending list of Dowry


It’s a moment of extraordinary cringe when we see things happening in 2020 that we thought are things of the past. In the latest episode of ‘Bridezillas’ Season 13 we Evelyn and Joseph throw two back to weddings. The one they did in Nigerian tradition also included a long list of dowry from Joseph to Evelyn’s parents and the never-ending list of dowry included all sorts of hard to find things and animals like chicken, bull and cows. When Joseph was not able to find everything on the list he offered Evelyn’s father money to “purchase” his wife as said by JL the wedding planner. The whole thing was very uncomfortable to watch as Joseph really seemed like a nice guy, trying to fulfill the wishes of his wife and her parents.



In a jaw-dropping episode to the story of Jennifer Mahoney and her fiancé Shawn from Season 5 we the viewers came to realize that just as Brides can turn into Bridezillas, mother in law can also turn into Monster-in-laws. In this case, Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda-starrer movie ‘Monster-in-law’ is an accurate representation. Jennifer Mahoney was convinced that her fiancé’s mother despised her, so she attempted to ban her from the festivities. But Shawn's mother shows up to the wedding despite her personal feelings toward the bride, got sloshed, and tried to talk her son out of marrying Jennifer. The couple got married anyway and the mother left a mark as a monster-in-law.

To cheat or not to cheat


To cheat or not to cheat is the question of the hour as cheating and getting caught red-handed didn’t seem to make much of a difference in this gay wedding. Symoan and Hilary were about to tie the knot after five years of dating when Symoan found her partner getting too comfortable with a stripper. The pair had decided to go for their bachelorette party, but one rule they had was no strip clubs. She was shocked to find out Hilary chose to go there anyway. When she arrived at the strip club, she was left speechless after finding Hilary's "head in someone's vagina". After not talking for a day and leaving the viewers in suspense about if at all the duo will get married, they do get married in a sort of rushed and unprepared wedding. Viewers didn’t know what to make of the episode and if Symoan did the right thing.

No apology for a “doorman”


Talk about blowing off steam at a bachelorette party! A veil-clad Karen Refaeli from Season 6 rolled up to a New York City nightclub ready to celebrate, but the bouncer wouldn’t let her in unless she removed her veil, “take that shit off your head,” he said. While the doorman’s demand seemed a little off and viewers would have probably felt for our Staten Island princess she was quick to dismiss any sympathy with the words, “Listen to me, you nine-dollars-an-hour human being!” and the rest was history. The bachelorette party turned into a b*tch fest in the limo where her bridesmaids didn’t necessarily agree to her and asked her to apologize. Karen kept repeating that she won't apologize to a “doorman” and cringe struck when we heard a bout of classism in her voice. She could’ve just kept it classy!

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