'Say I Do' Review: Netflix show is a beautiful celebration of eight couples and their journey to the altar

'Say I Do' Review: Netflix show is a beautiful celebration of eight couples and their journey to the altar

Netflix just dropped all eight episodes of its new offering, 'Say I Do', today (July 1). The series has been compared to the hit show 'Queer Eye'. For everyone who's going in expecting stories like the ones they saw on 'Queer Eye', now would be a good time to stop. 'Say I Do' celebrates the relationship of a different couple in each episode, all of which have copious doses of tearjerking stories as well as moments that will make you go weak in the knees. This show is extremely good looking. We mean not only the couples but also the way it is staged — the proposals, the locales, and, of course, Thai Nguyen's Atelier where all bridal dreams come true.

The casting of the couples is great. At a time when people had been asking the magnanimous 'Bachelor' franchise to cast a black lead, this show will bring smiles. Same-sex couples, a black couple in their 70s, white couples — the show has it all. The show also does a wonderful job of telling their stories without patronizing the struggles that they've endured over the years. Ensuring that these couples have a perfect wedding are three fabulous men, also known as the "gay angels", on the show — Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini. 

Brent is in charge of scouting wedding venues and the entire design process and there's no second doubting him when he says he runs "very successful design firms in Los Angeles and New York City". He delivered on all counts and the weddings he designed across all eight episodes might put even the fanciest of Pinterest boards to shame.

Nguyen's playful presence brings in the fun element to this series. He is this compact ball of energy and is spotted running, ziplining and riding the Ferris wheel, while not designing for the soon-to-be-married couples. Sometimes you might see Brent getting all hot and flustered by Nguyen's antics and even though the former might not have enjoyed it, these moments make for some really entertaining television moments. Bertaccini brings in the calm balance to the group and is responsible for crafting the food menu for the weddings and he does so, all the time, looking like a snack himself. 

All in all, the show comes at a time where we are in the middle of canceled summer weddings, thank to the pandemic. We suggest you snuggle up with your loved ones and tune into these love stories that might truly serve as chicken soup for the soul. 

All episodes of 'Say I Do' are now streaming on Netflix.

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