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Netflix's 'Say I Do': Meet the wedding show's 'gay angels' Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini

The series might be about the love stories of eight couples and focus on the lead up to their dream wedding but enough emphasis is on the three gay men who make the magic happen

Proposals and wedding ceremonies always manage to incite warmth and fuzziness to the coldest of hearts. The world could really use some of these feelings right now and Netflix is bringing a new show titled 'Say I Do' for its viewers by clubbing these events. Eight couples will be seen finding themselves get the wedding of their dreams and bringing their vision alive are the three "gay angels" -- Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen, and Gabriele Bertaccini. These men club their expertise to breathe life into the vision that each couple has for their wedding. Even though most of the focus on the eight episodes of the first season is on couples and their love stories and their journey, there is a decent emphasis on these three who work in tandem to throw someone a wedding of their dreams, in just a week's span. The pilot episode introduces them and their journeys as well. 

On this show, Brent is tasked with taking charge of the entire ceremony, right from the venue, to the decor, to seating, and all the works. This is not his first stint on television. He is famous for 'Nate & Jeremiah by Design', a show that he hosts with his husband on TLC Network. Jeremiah is very easy on the eyes and there is absolutely no truth when he downplays his good looks saying, "I may be small with weird hair" in the first episode but we will agree to the latter part of the sentence where he says, "but I am very effective." In the first episode, he says he runs a successful design firm in Los Angeles and New York City but considers himself an "entertainer and a creator of beauty." He believes that wedding functions are an exploration of the senses and while designing for such occasions, one must consider how people might feel when they enter a space. This is a cue for aspiring wedding designers/planners to get their notepads ready for they would have a lesson or two to be learned from Jeremiah in the course of the first season.

Coming to the second "gay angel", Nguyen is a designer by profession with many celebrities listed as his clients (Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Lilly Ghalichi, to name a few). He's known for dressing celebrities and he will be seen creating customized gowns for the brides on 'Say I Do'. "Celebrities are wearing my designs on the red carpet all the time but there is something incredibly powerful in creating a custom design bridal gown. Just that moment when the bride puts on the gown, seeing her smile and full of emotions is just pure magic," he says in the first episode. Viewers will love the playfulness of Nguyen on the show. He's always ready to party and break into a jig and that is something to watch out for. 

Then we have the well-traveled chef Bertaccini who is tasked with creating the food menu for the weddings on the show. He is a renowned chef but there's an introverted and shy air to him, which is a fresh balance to the playfulness of Nguyen and Jeremiah's confident stance. In the first episode, Bertaccini speaks about his love for crafting culinary experiences for people. "It doesn't matter if I am crafting a culinary experience for a world leader or an everyday person. For me, it's all about love, attention, passion, and bringing people together and creating a moment that you'll be able to look back and smile." He also opened up about living his life as an HIV positive man in the first episode in an emotional one on one. It's sure to bring a tear or two to the viewer's eyes. He also deserves special mention for his cute Italian drawl. 

All episodes of 'Say I Do' will be available to stream starting July 1, 2020, on Netflix.