Netflix's 'Say I Do': Michael surprises his 8-month pregnant fiancee Alex with a carnival-themed wedding

The couple had been together for eight years but a sudden turn of events led to them becoming adoptive parents. The wedding was a surprise from Michael to Alex for standing by him and his family

                            Netflix's 'Say I Do': Michael surprises his 8-month pregnant fiancee Alex with a carnival-themed wedding

Episode 2 of 'Say I Do' titled 'Instant Family' focuses on the relationship between Michael and his girlfriend and the mother of his soon-to-be-born son, Alex. The couple was together for eight long years. The reason why they were still unmarried was because Michael had told her that he would not propose marriage until he was able enough to give her a wedding of her dreams. The couple had purchased a house two years ago, a step that was to be followed by a wedding. However, the night they purchased the house, they got a call asking them to come and collect Michael's 12 and 10-year-old nephews, Travis and Josh. Their mother and her boyfriend were arrested in front of them for domestic battery and Alex and Michael became their adoptive parents.

At the time, both of the boys were severely malnourished. Their mother had a severe drug problem as well and Travis and Josh had just each other to depend on. Travis was blind in one eye due to botched corrective eye surgery. His follow up medication requirements were ignored by his mother and Alex and Michael took care of it after adopting him. On top of that, the couple had to acclimate the boys to showering and brushing, habits that they had come to neglect living with their junkie mother. Alex had a tough time making a breakthrough with the boys as they had a history of neglect but two years down the line, they had blossomed under her care and became as close to her as they could be. 

Both Travis and Josh were in on the surprise that Michael was planning for Alex. They also accompanied their uncle to select a ring and Travis innocently offered to part away with $185 to help buy the ring. They were also present when Michael proposed to Alex as at the wedding, wherein before the actual vows, all four of them held hands and promised to support each other at all times as a family. Their reception was held inside a huge tent and the venue had all the elements of a carnival -- trapeze artists, jugglers on stilts, a merry-go-round, a magician, photo booths, etc. Grilled cheese, fries, corn on the cob, sliders, and slushies made up the food menu at the wedding. A special banana cream cake courtesy chef Bertaccini was the highlight of the party. 

This episode of 'Say I Do' is now streaming on Netflix. 

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