Who is YouTuber Zviko? Meet the 'Save My Skin' patient who named her ear keloids, called them her 'children'

"Treating keloids can be challenging because they often return," Dr Emma said

                            Who is YouTuber Zviko? Meet the 'Save My Skin' patient who named her ear keloids, called them her 'children'
Zviko from 'Save My Skin' (Zviko/ Instagram)

If peeling skin, oozing acne, and extreme rashes don't make your stomach turn then you have your mid-week binge fix in TLC's 'Save My Skin'. The sophomore season has returned with a line-up of rare cases and interesting treatment approaches adopted by Dr Emma Craythorne.

"Everybody wants to be normal, nobody wants to stand out too much from the crowd," said Zviko of the ear keloids that have made her conscious beyond belief. She runs a YouTube channel and naturally, has to face the camera more often than usually heard of. She has a vibrant personality and is an expert at relationship troubles but her own woes were hard to treat. 


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Zviko's keloids were a result of ear piercing. By the time she met with Dr Emma, they had grown considerably. She even called the lumps her "children" and named them "‘Jeff, Miranda, Brittany." "They just kind of popped up out of nowhere. I have had my keloids for over three years now," the 22-year-old revealed.

Describing her condition, Dr Emma Craythorne said on Instagram that it's always tricky to remove keloids. "Treating keloids can be challenging because they often return. The very thing that caused them in the first place – an injury to the skin – is what you have to do to remove them."⁣

"Keloid scars are an abnormal reaction to an injury; in her case it was ear piercing, but it can be due to any kind of trauma. They can develop months, or sometimes years after the initial injury. They grow beyond a normal scar, and can be very itchy and tender," Dr Emma noted in her social media post.




Keloids are often set off by preceding events such as "ear piercing, vaccinations, cuts, surgical procedures, and acne.⁣⁣" On the surface, they may appear as benign lumps, but Zviko noted they gave her a hard time. "They feel rock hard, but kind of squidgy. They haven’t stopped growing and feel itchy and painful. Throughout the day I get sharp, shooting pains… it can be excruciating," Metro quoted her as saying.

By the end of the procedure, Zviko was impressed at how new and improved her ears looked and that she could finally not be conscious of it. Zviko's transformation has been unreal: "Oh my god, I’m so happy. I might cry."

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