'Save My Skin': Mitchell wanted to remove acne by cutting his skin when people asked if it was contagious

Mitchell was forced to stop many outdoor activities such as swimming because the severe acne on his back attracted too much attention

                            'Save My Skin': Mitchell wanted to remove acne by cutting his skin when people asked if it was contagious

Mitchell has suffered from acne since he was young and over the years it has hindered his lifestyle. At first, they were just bumps on his shoulders and there wasn't much attention paid to it. However, over the years they became worse. He first started noticing the acne getting bigger when he was 16. 

It is then that he decided to visit a general physician with the hopes of getting a treatment that would stop it. Unfortunately, he was not given any effective treatment. This forced Mitchell to leave the acne alone. When he turned 18, his acne got worse as they grew in size and were causing him pain. 

When they were examined by his mother, she realized that they had become red. The lumps caused due to the acne were now more visible due to which Mitchell was always hesitant to go swimming. He recalled that one day he was approached by a lifeguard who questioned him about his acne. 

Mitchell said that the lifeguard had stressed upon knowing if his acne was contagious. Since then, Mitchell has been conscious about his acne and has refrained from going swimming. To make things worse, it has affected his mental health too. 

There were times when Mitchell felt like taking a knife and cutting off his skin so he did not have to go around with acne on his back, he said. Even his mother admitted that his acne looked something straight out of a horror movie. 

After going through numerous incidents that forced Mitchell to stop doing many activities, he decided to meet Dr Emma Craythorne with the hope that she would be able to help him. When Dr Emma examined his acne, she realized that they could try a combination of injections and lasers. 

She wanted to use lasers to reduce the redness and bump size. Meanwhile, she used the injection to stop the acne from growing. Dr Emma decided to perform the laser surgery right after his consultation. She managed to drastically reduce the size of the acne and Mitchell was happy with the result. 

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