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Who is Sarah Olson? Biological mom of slain Samuel Olson, 6, hadn't seen him in a year

Samuel’s father, Dalton and his girlfriend, Theresa Balboa, had told investigators the boy was last seen with Samuel’s mother Sarah
Texas boy Samuel Olson's body was found in a hotel in Jasper (Houston Police Department)
Texas boy Samuel Olson's body was found in a hotel in Jasper (Houston Police Department)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: The body of a child found in a Jasper motel room in Houston, Texas is reportedly believed to be that of 6-year-old Samuel Olson. The child was reported missing since May 27. Just minutes before this news was announced on Tuesday evening, June 1, 2021, an attorney representing the mother of the then-missing 6-year-old held a press conference to discuss the case.

Attorney Marco González spoke on behalf of Sarah Olson, Samuel's biological mother and discussed the child custody case and also spoke about her relationship with him and the father Dalton Olson. At around 7 pm on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, barely minutes before the news of the discovery of a child's body inside of a hotel room in Jasper, the press conference was held. Samuel's tragic death comes close on the heels of the May 15 death of Texas boy, 4, Cash Gernon who was living with father's girlfriend while his dad, Trevor Gernon had been missing for months.


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Initially, Samuel’s father, Dalton and his girlfriend, Theresa Balboa, had told investigators the boy was last seen last Thursday, May 27, 2021, in southwest Houston. Balboa added that Samuel’s mother and a man dressed as a police officer had come to her apartment to take the child. Additionally, the boy’s father alleged the boy’s mother took him. However, the Houston Police Department said that when Sarah was questioned, she told investigators that she did not know about the whereabouts of the child either. According to the police, the last verifiable place that six-year-old Samuel was seen was at his elementary school on April 30, 2021. 

During the press conference, González said that his client had primary custody and was denied from getting the child for many months. He said that the last time she actually saw him was in January 2020 and that Sarah hasn’t had access to Samuel since. González added that Sarah wanted them to speak so she could have a voice in the case.

Who is Sarah Olson? 

Sarah is 6-year-old Samuel's biological mother. González issued a statement on June 2 saying that Sarah wants "justice for her baby, Sam" and that she’s "hurting very deeply."

According to the local reports, Jasper Police Chief Gerald Hall said the body of the child was found in a tote bag located in a room on the west side of the motel complex. He added that there were indications that the body had been there for some time. “Since she hasn’t had a chance to identify the child, she’s still coping and trying to get all the information and process things her way right now. She feels like she can’t gather the strength and speak with you now,” González said.

The lawyer stated that Sarah feels like Samuel’s father should also be in custody 100%, saying that “she’s hoping and praying that he is taken into custody.” Earlier in the press conference, González had also said the story Balboa told investigators and the media was a lie and made up, and confirmed Sarah hadn't seen her child in nearly a year. The attorney said Sarah hadn't been able to get in touch with Dalton or the grandmother, so she hadn't had much communication with Samuel.

Father 'failed to return him'

González added in the press conference that the father took Samuel and failed to return him. When Sarah and Dalton divorced, the custody agreement allegedly placed the child with the mother. This hadn't been modified since 2019, according to González. He added that Sarah would initially exchange the child through the paternal grandmother, Tonya Olson.

The attorney added that Balboa’s accusations implicating that Sarah had something to do with her son's disappearance is false, saying that there are "too many holes in that story."

As of now Balboa has been charged with tampering with evidence after Samuel's was found in a motel in Jasper. Balboa, who is currently in the Jasper County Jail, was out on bond from an assault case in November, police disclosed. She was charged with assault with intent impeding breath, and Samuel’s father, Dalton was the complainant in the case. An anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers led police to the motel, police said on June 2. Houston police said that their interviews with Balboa are ongoing and that Samuel’s father is someone they are talking to, among several other people.

Police said they have no motive yet in this case.