Samuel L Jackson slammed for 'homophobic' birthday tweet to Donald Trump

The veteran actor decided to crack a little joke on Trump and his henchmen on the POTUS' 72nd birthday, but Twitter thinks he really has taken things way over the line

                            Samuel L Jackson slammed for 'homophobic' birthday tweet to Donald Trump
Samuel L. Jackson (Getty Images)

Samuel L. Jackson was recently in the news for thinking he has predicted the ultimate 'Avengers' ending, and less than hours later, he once again managed to make headlines for what is perceivably a rather "homophobic" birthday tweet to the sitting president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Twitterverse thinks the veteran actor's birthday tweet — even though taking a humorous dig at Trump — was apparently filled with gay connotations.

This is what the outspoken 69-year-old actor had to say about the President for his 72nd birthday, "Must have been a party at The White House, Mitch, Paul, Rudy & others were spotted wearing knee pads & carrying these lined up outside. Happy Birthday."

Alongside the tweet which without doubts referred to Trump and his henchmen, was also a photo of a product called "Dick Mints", which had the slogan "Going down?" And that is what aimed all the fire at Jackson, as despite the widespread hater-count that Trump has managed to acquire on Twitter, most people believe Jackson overstepped the line with this joke.

Donald Trump holds the hand of First Lady Melania Trump as he remarks on her birthday, during an event to celebrate The National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee of Boston, Massachusetts (holding trophy, L), in the Oval Office at the White House , on April 26, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images)


Adam Baldwin, the 'Firefly' actor, was one of the firsts to criticize it from the angle of underlying homophobia as he replied in a since-deleted tweet, saying, "Gay shaming?"

Another user also happened to ask Jackson, "Did you and Joy Reid get hacked by the same person?" This remark was in reference to the MSNBC host who had claimed that her account was hacked after making homophobic comments on her blog. 

But Jackson being Jackson, wasn't one to keep quiet about the whole firestorm being hurled his way; he soon cheekily responded to his critics with a smug announcement that their attempts at getting his account suspended have all failed. 

"We have investigated the reported content and could not identify any violations of the Twitter Rules or applicable law," Jackson's screenshot from the Twitter authorities read. "Accordingly, we have not taken any action at this time."

"Hahahahahahahahahawhooooooo.... they just keep tryin'," read his caption of the same announcement on Instagram.

Samuel L Jackson credited his work on 'Captain Marvel' to giving him a prospective insight on just what exactly is going on with our beloved 'Avengers'. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CinemaCon)


Well, the actor might be enjoying his little triumph over social media right now and as much as ardent fans would love to celebrate with him, it's clear that he was so much better liked when he was sticking to just predicting the ultimate Avengers ending. 

In an interview with Vulture, Jackson credited his work on 'Captain Marvel' to giving him a prospective insight on just what exactly is going on with our beloved 'Avengers'. 

"Who's really dead, and who's really in the flaky wind of Marvel dust, I don't know, but I do know there's a solution that they didn't even have to tell me, just because I know who 'Captain Marvel' is and what all that means," he told the outlet.

While fans and followers will really just have to wait it out to see the finale for them, as of now all they can do is hope that Jackson strays from making such brash and possibly homophobic statements in the future.