Andy Hui's wife Sammi Cheng breaks silence on cheating scandal and says 'It is an important lesson in our marriage'

Andy Hui's wife Sammi Cheng breaks silence on cheating scandal and says 'It is an important lesson in our marriage'
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Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng Sau has decided to forgive her husband and singer Andy Hui after he was caught cheating on camera. "This time, it is an important lesson in our marriage. During this period, we mutually experienced emotional ups and downs together, and we also talked about the event in depth for a long time. This is a lesson between husband and wife, and a lesson to be learned in the future in our marriage. As we walked deeper into the marriage, besides the happiness and warmth we give to each other, we also need to encompass mistakes and forgiveness. Who has never sinned? It is a common saying but it is true," she wrote on her Instagram alongside a photo of a sunrise and a quote from the book of Corinthians in The Bible.

The couple, that has been together for 18 years and married for five, found their relationship hitting rock bottom when a 16-minute long video of Hui Chi holding hands and making out with actress Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing was uploaded by Hong Kong's Apple Daily News on Tuesday afternoon. The pair are said to have kissed about 20 times during the ride from Tai Hang in Causeway Bay to Lei Yue Mun. They were said to have been in the backseat of a car.

Cheng further spoke about why she decided to move on from the incident. She said that relationships get rocky every now and then but the important thing was to hold on and work through it. "This time, the important thing is learning to further understand the true meaning of marriage. Happiness is not always smooth sailing, there are trials, and we also go through the highs and lows, and this deepens the relationship between the couple. Walk into each other's heart, face up to each other's weaknesses, don’t give up on yourself, don’t give up on the other person, correct each other, and raise each other up. In the course of a marriage, I am convinced that experiences and lessons will definitely help each other to get back on track, and life will be renewed," she wrote.

"During this difficult period for the both of us, it helped us a lot when we held hands and prayed together. Today, the burden on the shoulders seems to be a lot lighter. I hope that everything will calm down and return to peace. Finally, I sincerely ask the media not to follow and interview my aged parents and inconvenience them. I don’t have any more to say. After today, I will only look forward. As time will tell, I will continue to move forward step by step," she concluded in the post. 


Hui has already publicly apologized for the incident and so has Wing. Hui called a press conference soon after the clip was released and said through tears, "I want to apologize to my family, Sammi's family, friends, and people who love me. Because I did what I cannot make up for, something that will not be forgiven. I drank a lot that night but I feel that being drunk is definitely not an excuse to do something so wrong. I am very regretful, I find it hard to face myself and accept myself."

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