Hong Kong singer Andy Hui and actress Jacqueline Wong's affair exposed after on-board camera captures them kissing

Hong Kong singer Andy Hui and actress Jacqueline Wong's affair exposed after on-board camera captures them kissing
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A 16-minute long leaked video of Hong Kong superstar Andy Hui Chi cheating on his wife of five years Sammi Cheng Sau has surfaced online sparking controversy. The clip of Andy holding hands and making out with another famous celebrity, Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing, actress and former Miss Hong Kong first runner-up was uploaded by Hong Kong's Apple Daily News on Tuesday afternoon. Here's everything you need to know about the scandal: 

1. They kissed a lot 

According to a report in Star Online, the pair is said to have kissed about 20 times during the ride from Tai Hang in Causeway Bay to Lei Yue Mun. They were said to have been in the backseat of a car. 

2. Andy Hui Chi has called himself a "rotten person" and that he was drunk

Chi has come forward and apologized for the incident to his wife, saying, "I want to apologize to my family, Sammi's family, friends, and people who love me. Because I did what I cannot make up for, something that will not be forgiven. I drank a lot that night but I feel that being drunk is definitely not an excuse to do something so wrong. I am very regretful, I find it hard to face myself and accept myself. After I saw the report, I found myself very shameful, very wrong, very bad, very disgusting and very unfamiliar. I reflected on why I could not control my lust," he reportedly said through tears. He also added that he felt that he had "no soul" and that he's a "broken man". He also apologized on Instagram in a similar tone. 


3. It has raised privacy concerns 

The video that was leaked was taken without the stars' consent and they obviously did not know that they were being filmed.  It is a breach of privacy, said Allan Chiang, former privacy commissioner to the publication. "First of all, the driver needs to notify the passengers there is a camera inside the vehicle so they can choose not to get on the car. Failure to do so is already a breach of the privacy law,” Chiang said, "Secondly, does the driver have a lawful ground to collect the personal data? A legitimate reason such as for the sake of his profession to take the video without the parties’ consent.”

4. Wong has apologized 

According to a statement to the Oriental Daily News, she said, "I really, really regret it. I know I have made a very big mistake, and let down all the involved parties, especially my parents and family, my company, and also Ma Kwok-Ming and his family."


5. Wong has been asked to take a hiatus and Sammi Cheng's fans have come forth with support

According to the publication, a spokesperson for TVB’s artist management and development department, where Wong works as an actress has said that it has asked her to take a break. Kenneth Ma, who Wong has been dating since 2017 has asked for privacy in this tumultuous time. 

Sammi Cheng's fans, on the other hand, have told the singer to stay strong and leave Hui.

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